“I am waiting for the amnesty bill to give my opinion” (Guy Mari

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An amnesty law should be adopted today by the Council of Ministers. Even if the details of the facts in question are not yet known, the act that the President of the Republic intends to take has caused a lot of ink to flow. This law, after adoption, will be presented to the deputies. A moment that Guy Marius Sagna is waiting for to give his opinion.

In the meantime, the parliamentarian thinks that neither Ousmane Sonko nor political detainees need an amnesty law.

I am waiting for the amnesty bill to give my opinion. But in the meantime, what I believe is that Ousmane Sonko does not need an amnesty law. To think otherwise is to accept that he is guilty. I don’t think political prisoners need an amnesty law. To think otherwise is to admit that they are guilty. But I am still waiting for the Senegalese justice system to prove to us which thousands of political detainees are guilty» he wrote in a text sent to Seneweb.

For Guy Marius Sagna, logic dictates that the detainees should first be judged in order to know the truth of the facts. “In general, an amnesty law is passed after all the judgments. Truth first and then forgiveness perhaps. Have all political detainees been tried? Who are guilty? Have all the nerves and agents of the defense and security forces who murdered the dozens of demonstrators been tried, convicted? Were those who gave them the order to shoot, to torture, identified, judged, convicted? ?”

Another reason which could push the MP not to vote for the amnesty law, the disappearance of Didier Badji. Having attended the funeral of the latter’s wife, Guy Marius Sagna wonders if he will be able to “pass an amnesty law before knowing what happened to Didier Badji without betraying our late Daba DiouF”.

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