“I don’t like to be defined by one thing I do. I’m a creative, period!” – Mr. Eazi on the “Change Africa Podcast”

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THE Changing Africa Podcast, a podcast that highlights African changemakers, kicked off its fifth season with a guest appearance from Grammy Award-winning musician, technology venture capitalist, entrepreneur, musical innovator, and philanthropist M Eazi.

The conversation kicks off with Mr. Eazi sharing his philanthropic efforts in Ghana, where he actively supports universities. A firm believer in the transformative power of education, Mr. Eazi explains how his initiative has benefited around 340 students by covering their tuition fees. The profound impact of education on individuals, families and communities is highlighted.

Isaac Aboah, the podcast host, then guides the discussion to Mr. Eazi’s journey in the music industry. Although music has always been a passion of his, it was his entrepreneurial adventures that unexpectedly propelled him into the music scene. From throwing college parties to engaging in the gold trade in Ghana to co-founding a technology company, Mr. Eazi’s entrepreneurial spirit has proven instrumental in development of his musical journey.

Throughout the episode, a recurring theme emerges: Mr. Eazi’s thirst for creative and economic freedom. The importance of ownership, particularly in the music industry, is emphasized. Drawing parallels between artists and startups, Mr. Eazi explains how artists own intellectual property that requires investment to thrive and grow. This mindset led him to chart a unique path in the music industry and create Empawa Africa, a talent incubator.

Beyond music, Mr. Eazi shares his vision for Chop Life, a brand encompassing his investments in entertainment, gaming, culture and lifestyle in Africa. He highlights the synergies between his businesses, envisioning a Disney-style empire that celebrates and embraces Africa’s rich cultural tapestry.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Mr. Eazi reflects on his recent music and the art’s profound influence. We learn how art reignited his passion for music, becoming a means of personal expression. The album titled “Evil Genius” has special meaning for Mr. Eazi, representing a personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Listen to the podcast here.

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