I was fired because I had the courage to express my ambition – Makhubele

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Former President of Joburg and member of the People’s Congress (Cope), Colleen Makhubeleclaims she was fired because she had the courage to lead and express her ambition.

Makhubele broke his silence after she was fired of Johannesburg Tip this week.

She was fired after posters with her face were plastered on street poles across the city, urging residents to register to vote for the “birth of a new nation” ahead of the 2024 general election.

Watch Colleen Makhubele explain why she was fired

To face claimed Makhubele had “lied” about the organization being part of the new coalition pact, the South African Rainbow Alliance (Sara).

According to Cope national president Tebogo Loate, this was a transgression amounting to effective expulsion because it had not been approved or declared to the party.

Makhubele shared her opinion on why she was fired.

“I was fired because I dared to believe that I could lead, that I could lead Sara and the South African nation. I was fired because I had the courage to express my ambition… Men feel they have the right to lead.

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Makhubele claimed she was not consulted about her dismissal and expulsion from the party, saying the allegations against her were “lies”.

Makhubele said she did not “buy into anything”.

“It’s an alliance, I was a member of Cope until I was fired. President (Mosioua) Lékota was president emeritus of this in our country, he was here as a member of this alliance. So no one joined any party… So all these things are lies to tarnish Sara.

“I continue to emphasize that Sara is led by a capable woman and she poses a very serious threat to the political landscape of this country. Therefore, all kinds of lies are being spread, not only within Cope, but outside Cope,” Makhubele said.


Makhubele also claims she did not leave Cope, but was fired.

“They’re wrong, I was fired, I didn’t leave, I was fired. We were sitting here waiting for President Lekota to come to a meeting on Monday. Little did we know, he told us he wasn’t feeling well and had urgent meetings somewhere in Kempton Park.

“I’m getting calls from reporters telling me you’re fired. I was not told anything, I was not consulted, I never even had the opportunity to make my representation because the trip we made here took place alongside President Lekota from the first day,” Makhubele said.

Makhubele, however, said she had decided not to contest her dismissal.

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