International IDEA organizes study trip to CIS in South Africa on political financing

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This follows the provisions of the Political Parties Law (PPA) No. 25 of 2022 on the candidates and functions of regulating the financing of political parties of the PPRC, and the recommendations of the national and international election observation groups, in particular recommendation 10 of the European elections. 2023 observation mission.

The four days of peer learning facilitated the mutual exchange of ideas, systems and processes in the regulation of campaign finance of candidates and political parties for the PPRC. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa stands out as one of the few African election management bodies (EMBs) with an effective regulatory framework for political financing, and the IEC has a senior management dedicated to political financing with extensive experience in party financing and money regulation. in politics. The peer learning visit provides an opportunity for PPRC staff and management to gain useful information on the regulation of political finance in South Africa and the work of the IEC to maintain an effective system of finance online parties.

The financing of political parties and electoral campaigns is a crucial aspect of democratic governance; ensure fairness, accountability and integrity of electoral processes. Aware of this, International IDEA supported the development of draft regulations on political campaign financing for the PPRC, which awaits validation from political parties before being presented to Parliament. After validation, the PPRC will begin the process of regulating electoral campaign financing in Sierra Leone.

During the visit to South Africa, participants had the opportunity to interact with leading CIS experts, practitioners and regulators to gain a deeper understanding of the political finance landscape in South Africa . Through meetings and interactive sessions, the team explored various topics, including legal frameworks, enforcement strategies, financial reporting procedures, sanctions and executions, case management, monitoring and communication . This initiative aimed to facilitate participants’ learning of both the successes and challenges encountered by the IEC in regulating political financing. The team also interacted with South African civil society organizations working on political party and campaign finance, including My Vote Counts and the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC).

This collaborative effort highlights International IDEA’s commitment to supporting democratic governance and electoral integrity. By facilitating peer learning and capacity building initiatives, International IDEA aims to strengthen the capacity of the PPRC to deploy strategies and activities aimed at increasing coordination and contribution to effective regulation of political finance in Sierra Leone.

Dr Idrissa Mamoud Tarawallie, Head of International IDEA, Sierra Leone Country Program, said that “Knowing where and how political parties and candidates raise funds, and how they spend and report these resources, is a key determinant key to electoral fairness and integrity. As a global intergovernmental democracy-building organization, International IDEA is delighted to have been able to leverage its good relationship with the CIS of South Africa to help the PPRC strengthen its capacity to regulate money in politics , an area that has been largely under-regulated. in Sierra Leone.

The immediate past Chairman of the PPRC, Hon. Justice Abdulai M. Bangurah noted that “one of the major legacies of my leadership at the PPRC is our excellent relationship with International IDEA, which has supported us with crucial interventions to strengthen the capacity and constitutional mandate of the PPRC. I am pleased to leave the PPRC which has a wealth of political campaign finance regulations and the unique opportunity to learn from our South African peers who are pioneers in political finance regulation on the continent ”.

For media inquiries, please contact Dr Idrissa Mamoud Tarawallie, Program Manager Email:; Olushogo A. David, Executive Secretary – PPRC (+23278443294) or Alfred Fornah, Communications Officer, International IDEA Sierra Leone, Telephone: 077908976.

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