Investing in Cyprus: a complete guide

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The Cypriot passport ranks 14th in the Guide Passport Index. It offers visa-free access to 177 countries.

For those seeking permanent residency in Cyprus, the Cyprus Investment Program grants long-term residency to foreigners through property investment.

Obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus requires spending a minimum of €300,000 on property. Until its suspension in 2020, Cyprus also had a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program worth €2 million.

Private Equity and VC in Cyprus

Cyprus has made considerable efforts to boost its private equity and venture capital sector, with many efforts directly supported by the government.

Dozens of venture capital firms have set up shop in Cyprus over the past decade to provide seed and expansion capital. There is a growing trend for incubators/accelerators to participate in the local startup market.

The Cypriot government has created policies designed to foster innovation. Initiatives such as the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) provide capital to innovative projects, often without any strings attached.

Cyprus Investment Funds (CIF), on the other hand, offer a way to invest in a range of start-up and growing companies.

Here in Cyprus, there is no shortage of startups. The country’s technology, e-commerce and healthcare sectors are all particularly popular with venture capital funds.

Should you invest in Cyprus?

Cyprus’ Mediterranean setting offers many advantages, making it an attractive place to enter the European market while having a foot in Asia.

The country’s unique position makes it a bridge between Europe, Asia and even Africa. Meanwhile, Cyprus has a stable political and legal framework… especially compared to most continental countries to the east.

That said, the Cypriot economy is experiencing constraints. It is a small nation of just over a million inhabitants. You’re not going to become a billionaire selling wholesale consumer products here.

When investing here, you can generally expect the same returns as in any other developed European market. Cyprus is no longer an emerging economy and you simply don’t have the same potential as before. in Southeast AsiaFor example.

Finally, the ongoing territorial dispute with Turkey is also concerning – although it is unlikely that anyone would try anything with an EU member state. At least for now.

Cyprus is certainly worth considering for the right type of investor. It is ideally located for tourism and commerce. The legality of the crypto industry also makes everything related to blockchain promising.

That said, you’re still dealing with a small, developed market. You will eventually face growth limitations because of this.

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