Italy can become Europe’s energy hub, says Meloni –

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Italy can become an energy hub for all of Europe thanks to the “Mattei Plan” designed by the government to invest and collaborate with African countries, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Tuesday during a speech organized by Eni.

Meloni also stressed that Italy’s geographical location allows it to aspire to the role of a natural energy supply center for Europe. To do this, the current government has designed the “Mattei Plan”, which envisages a series of “equal and beneficial” partnerships with African countries and those bordering the Mediterranean.

“The energy issue is strategic and will certainly become more and more so. The war in Ukraine triggered a crisis (…), but this crisis, I am convinced, can also become an opportunity,” Meloni said.

“With the Mattei Plan, we intend to reconcile Italy’s national interest with the right of our partners to live a period of development and progress,” Meloni underlined.

“The energy issue is also crucial to give a more just and equitable direction to the ecological transition, which for us must go hand in hand with social sustainability and economic sustainability. To do this, we need all the technologies: those already in use, those that we are experimenting with and those that we have yet to discover,” added the Prime Minister.

These include renewable energy, gas, biofuels, hydrogen and carbon dioxide capture. Eni is also working on the production of fusion energy, a “clean and unlimited source of energy” that would allow Italy to finally be independent in terms of energy supply.

Italy gradually favored oil over gas and invested in domestic gas production rather than imports, particularly after the outbreak of war in Ukraine which led to the disruption of Russian gas supplies.

“This has allowed us to be present across the entire value chain and to consolidate our relationships with the countries in which we operate, mainly in Africa, by establishing long-term alliances and contributing to the economic and social development of these countries “, said Claudio Desclazi, CEO of Eni.

Descalzi led all of Meloni’s institutional trips to African countries such as Libya, Algeria, Ethiopia and Tunisia. On each occasion, Descalzi was present and signed cooperation agreements with the respective national entities aimed at grafting equitably beneficial cooperation in energy production.

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