‘It’s in the stars’: ANC will win next year’s elections, psychic says

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Despite the ANC’s predicted victory, medium Yvonne de Bruin says all readings indicate the ANC is losing support.

As South Africa prepares for historic general elections Next year, the political landscape is rife with speculation and anticipation about who will stay in power, who will gain ground, and who will be the weakest link.

Medium Yvonne de Bruin says all readings indicate the ANC lose his support.

A Pyrrhic victory

“The ruling ANC, the dominant force in South African politics since the dawn of democracy, faces its toughest test yet,” she said. She describes it as a party that is both determined and divided.

“I see a close victory, but it’s a Pyrrhic victory. Their power is waning and new political forces are emerging to challenge their long-standing dominance.”

The party is its own worst enemy, she adds. And the Democratic Alliance (DA), although ideologically opposed, could follow the same path in its fight for future relevance.

“Once seen as a solid alternative, the DA appears to be losing ground. The cards suggest a party in turmoil. Public trust in the DA has declined significantly. The potential departure of key figures, including a notable female leader, will likely create a void.

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The alternatives

She says the maps show the DA must rebuild trust and redefine its vision to maintain its relevance. De Bruin says the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) still have an important role to play in South African politics.

“The FEP appears to be a crucial element in the political evolution of the country. They may not wield direct power, but their influence is undeniable. They serve as voices for those who are not heard; a force that imposes accountability and transparency in governance.

The role of minority parties like the Freedom Front and the Inkatha Freedom Party remains important, De Bruin believes.

“These parties continue to represent specific segments of our society. They ensure that diverse perspectives are heard in our national discourse.

But she predicts a shift in political winds with a transformative new leader on the horizon, ready to challenge traditional political boundaries. De Bruin says there is scope to bring about a turning point in South Africa through the Multi-Party Charter.

“While he may not lead government after 2024, his influence in creating a more inclusive and collaborative political environment cannot be underestimated. »

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A year of change

De Bruin anticipates a year marked by significant changes.

“This is a time of transformation, but not without challenges. There is unease, a questioning of the direction the country is taking. Yet in the midst of this uncertainty, I see the emergence of new leaders who will lay the foundation for a better future. “

A male leader will initiate change, laying the foundation for a female successor, who will continue the path of reconstruction. Regarding the economic and social challenges facing South Africa, she said: “Economic growth will be a lasting and crucial priority. There will be a push towards more sustainable and inclusive economic policies.

She also notes a continuing struggle against social problems such as inequality and unemployment and urges leaders to prioritize them on their agendas.

De Bruin’s visions also extended to South Africa’s role on the world stage. “The country will seek to strengthen its international relations,” she said.

South Africa risks alienating the West with what some experts call an inexplicable foreign policy. De Bruin sees a change in direction.

“There is a trend towards more active participation in global discussions, particularly on climate change and sustainable development. “However, despite the challenges, there is a strong spirit of resilience in South Africa. The coming year will test this spirit immensely, but I believe the nation will emerge stronger and more united,” she said.

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