ITV’s I’m A Celebrity’s Nigel Farage filmed speaking disparagingly about ‘black Africa’

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I’m A Celebrity contestant and former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage used the term “dark Africa” ​​during the 2019 election campaign to complain about the criticism he faced.

Nigel Farage appeared on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity(ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Nigel Farage was filmed speaking disparagingly about “black Africa” during the 2019 election campaign.

While in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, Mr Farage clashed over racial issues with the YouTuber. Nella Rose. He dismissed suggestions that black people dislike him because of his views on immigration, saying: “You’d be surprised, they do. If you came with me to south London you’d be surprised.”

Now The Mirror has heard audio from Mr Farage in which he uses the phrase “black Africa”. Speaking at the end of a podcast recording, the former Brexit The party leader complained of pressure put on him by conservative-supporting newspapers not to present candidates in certain places. Boris Johnson hoped to make gains in the 2019 elections.

Taking aim at Geordie Greig, then editor of the Daily Mail, Mr Farage said: “I think the way Geordie behaves is borderline black African. Intimidating candidates is not pretty.” The recording was made on November 12, 2019, a day after Mr Farage announced he would stand down Brexit Party candidates in the 317 seats won by the Conservatives in the previous election.

Black Africa is an outdated term for the region of Africa south of the Sahara where black people are in the majority. Mr Farage appears to use the term to refer to corruption.

Georgie Laming, campaigns director at HOPE not hate, said the recorded remarks were “no surprise”. He added: “We have long known that Farage stirs up division for his own benefit. As long as he remains in the spotlight, Farage must be challenged.”

In an interview last weekend, Mr Farage’s girlfriend Laure Ferrari said suggestions he was racist “couldn’t be further from the truth”.

Mr Farage and Ms Rose had several conversations about race during his time on I’m A Celebrity. Early in the series, she confronted him about his views on immigration, telling him, “Why don’t black people like you? You want us to leave.”

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