Jeremy Corbyn defends South African genocide case against Israel in The Hague

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Ancient Work Leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the South African government in The Hague to make its case, accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Mr Corbyn is support South Africa to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for hearings – arguing that the country’s arguments were “very strong”.

Speaking after the first day of hearings in the Dutch court, Mr Corbyn said the South African delegation’s presentation was “brilliantly prepared and brilliantly presented”.

Mr Corbyn told Al-Jazeera that the South Africans had argued that Israel was “violating the genocide convention” and had engaged in “collective punishment of the people of Gaza”.

He said: “No one can call the killing of all these thousands of people and the destruction of 70 percent of all housing in Gaza a proportionate response – this is an attack on the entire Palestinian population. . »

The former Labor leader said he hoped the case in The Hague would make a “progressive difference” in winning international support for Gaza.

He added: “If we just walk all over each other and ignore what is happening to the Palestinian people, then we become complicit…Will the world do nothing and continue to supply weapons to Israel? Or say that this must stop?

Jeremy Corbyn before the ICJ in The Hague


The South African delegation said “senior political figures from progressive political parties and movements around the world” – including Mr Corbyn – supported its cause.

But the former left-wing Labor leader was the only foreign political figure named in the country’s statement on the affair. South African Justice Minister Ronald Lamola said his country was “encouraged by world leaders who have not dulled their conscience.”

Earlier this week, Mr Corbyn stood up in the House of Commons to call on Rishi Sunak’s government to at least “support the South African process”.

He told MPs that “many people are very happy that the South African government has taken an initiative… to hold Israel to account for the deaths of so many completely innocent people in Gaza.”

In November, Mr Corbyn finally called Hamas a “terrorist group” after repeatedly avoiding the term – writing an article accusing the Israeli military of being guilty of “acts of terrorism too”.

Palestinian supporters outside the Hague court in the Netherlands

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Mr Corbyn remains a member of the Labor Party but sits as an independent MP after being suspended for his failure to offer a proper response to the damning report into anti-Semitism within the party under his leadership.

The former leader strongly suggested he would run against Labor as an independent in the general election – saying he had “no intention of stopping” representing Islington North.

The two-day affair in The Hague continues on Friday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said South Africa’s accusation of genocide against Israel in Gaza amounted to “hypocrisy and lies.” And Israeli President Isaac Herzog called the ICJ case “atrocious and absurd.”

At a press conference with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken this week, Mr Herzog said: “In fact, our enemies, Hamas, call in their charter for the destruction of our nation, the State of ‘Israel – the world’s only nation-state. Jewish people.”

Foreign Secretary David Cameron said earlier this week he was “concerned” that Israel may have acted in breach of international law in the Middle East conflict.

Lord Cameron said he was “of course” concerned about the crisis in Gaza, but it was not his place to make a “legal decision”.

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