Join Marty Cagan and other SVPG partners at the Inspire Africa Product Conference hosted by Interswitch.

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Inspire Africa Conference

The stage is set for the product conference of the year – the Inspire Africa Conference organized by Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG), Innovate Africa Foundation and Work Nigeria, and led by Interswitch Group, African leader in integrated payments and digital commerce.

Scheduled in Lagos from the 18thth at 21st In September 2023, the conference will bring together a diverse gathering of founders and product ecosystem professionals, all with the common goal of strengthening the expertise of African product professionals.

Attendees can expect four (4) immersive days of hands-on training and the unique opportunity to interact with over 30 global product leaders along with exceptional insights and impactful insights, all designed to spark interest and to stimulate growth within the products industry.

The first (1) day will unveil the conference with speeches from a number of renowned speakers from around the world. This will be followed by 3 intensive days of bespoke workshops, aimed at individuals at different stages of their product careers. Founders will have the opportunity to participate in venture capital panels, while product managers will participate in workshops focused on creating an empowering environment for their product teams, among others.

Prominent local and international product and training leaders, including luminaries such as Marty Cagan, Christian Idiodi, Bayo Adedeji, Lea Hickman, Temi Giwa and others, will lead these workshops and deliver keynote speeches.

Rebecca King, representative of the Innovate Africa Foundation, says the collaboration with Interswitch has created the perfect landscape to enable knowledge exchange between local and international product communities, explaining that Africa has given birth to many focused companies on technology whose products have gained worldwide fame. .

Reinforcing this point, Cherry Eromosele, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Interswitch Group, highlighted the importance of this conference by stating “Interswitch is very proud to support initiatives such as the Inspire Africa conference. This event not only reaffirms our unwavering commitment to the African technology ecosystem, but also highlights our strong belief in the transformative potential of knowledge exchange and collaboration. As we partner with Silicon Valley Product Group, Innovate Africa and Work Nigeria to empower product professionals, we look forward to an event that will leave a lasting mark on Africa’s innovation journey..”

Princess Edo-Osagie, Head of Product Leadership and Agile Governance at Interswitch Group, further added that “Initiatives such as the Inspire Africa Conference are essential as they go beyond simple keynotes and panels, providing participants with an immersive experience to sharpen their skills, expand their networks and gain practical knowledge.

Interswitch’s commitment extends beyond the conference. With accelerated impact and exponential growth in Africa’s technology and payments sectors over the past two decades, they prioritize partnerships and platforms that drive prosperity for individuals and communities across the continent. » concludes Edo-Osagie.

In keeping with Interswitch’s mission to create opportunity and empower the product community, the technology company’s HR experts will be on hand to meet with product professionals and engage with individuals exploring career transitions within the industry.

The Inspire Africa Conference is poised to be an intellectually stimulating and transformative event. Participants are encouraged to arrive well-prepared to actively engage in discussions covering a range of topics, including go-to-market best practices, executive team leadership, scalability strategies and goals, and key results, and to take full advantage of the enriching small group sessions. and additional offers.

For more details and registration information, visit .

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