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The West does not have to send missionaries to Nigeria; they cannot help us; they lost Christianity… considerably… They are the ones who need us. We will provide pastoral aid (to the lost West)… Africa is now the historical guardian of (true) Christianity. – Professor Dapo Asaju, former Vice-Chancellor of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Sir: At the end of July 2022, Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi, General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, DCLM, also closed a chapter which, according to some theologians, made his ministry somehow “insular and centripetal ”, although its messages, as we all know, have always been universal.

At an event in Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub, Kumuyi brought to our attention a new point in his evangelical trajectory, when he officially launched the initiative he called Global Crusade with Kumuyi, GCK.

Born in its denomination, GCK is inclusive and centrifugal; it is an open body, with broad arms outstretched to receive all those from all over the world, regardless of your faith, class, culture or country. The cleric’s global reach had begun in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, in 2021. But observers said his structural costume appeared to have become tame and lame as a vehicle designed to capture the broader vision he was undertaking. to unmask.

Earlier, the respected evangelist “informally” undertook missions outside Nigeria to preach the Gospel of Christ. However, they were all in the shadow of the DCLM. Critics said this seemed to limit the clergyman, giving the unintentional impression that his crusades were a closed shop. It was therefore disturbingly thought that these gatherings were planned exclusively for his denominational flock.

These pedestrian modes of perception threatened to project themselves into restrictive realities, leading many to the imagery of the Procrustean bed: everyone, short, tall, fat or skinny, must lie in Deeper Life’s bed: they must be squeezed to fit in. The charge was that there seemed to be no sensitivity to individual and spiritual tastes distinct from denominational aspirations. Everyone saw themselves, willingly or unwillingly, served the same menu by Kumuyi. In my opinion, these conclusions were seriously unfair to the preacher and his vocation which, like that of Jesus Christ and his first disciples, is without borders.

Whether or not to address these concerns, Pastor Kumuyi now says he is presenting an international platform on which he intends to reach the entire world. Moreover, his sermons were always intended for all humanity. However, to fulfill all justice, this GCK forum, he said, will not be a DCLM affair; it’s not Nigerian either; it will be without borders; it will be a construction that God will bring together all the movements of His universal Church to bring about this end of time in the history of man.

According to Kumuyi, GCK is the new cauldron that God will use to instill hope in the grieving humanity of our generation. Many of us believe that this underrated, under-marketed and under-exposed African missionary may finally be getting the global spotlight he is due, as he exports the message of the Gospel to the world, deploying a locally developed device.

Banji Ojewale is a writer in Ota, Ogun State.

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