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Labor U-turn on scrapping private schools’ charitable status, ‘worst of all worlds’

Labor has changed its policy towards private schools.

It will continue to charge business rates and VAT, bringing in up to £1.5 billion. This will fund 6,500 new teachers, mental health support workers and early speech therapy training.

However, charitable status will no longer be removed.

When asked why, a source did not respond, saying they “did not want to go into detail about charitable status” and declined to say when the decision was made.

There is, however, a clear political logic.

This allows the measure to be taken in a finance bill – that is to say quickly. Removing charitable status from schools is a very complex matter.

The independent schools sector says it began to see a change in discourse on the policy almost a year ago, after Jeremy Hunt’s November budget.

The sector is worried about the uncertainties that remain: will private schools be able to claim gift aid, tax exemptions on annual profits, for example?

“It’s the worst of all worlds for schools. They have to meet their charitable obligations without reaping the benefits. It’s a lot of stick, not a lot of carrots,” one source said.

Two years ago, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves initially promised to end tax breaks and criticized charity status.

The party was loud on social networks like here:

Tonight Labor says charity status was only ever a shortcut and the policies were all about taxes.

It’s up to voters to decide what they think of this argument.

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