Libya: Determination amid devastation – Authorities delay reconstruction conference to chart resilient path for flood-hit Derna

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Tripoli, Libya – (African Boulevard News) – Authorities in eastern Libya have announced the postponement of a much-anticipated conference on the reconstruction of Derna, a city devastated by floods. The move comes as officials seek to allow more time for the submission of in-depth studies and projects to ensure the success of reconstruction efforts.

The conference, which was initially scheduled to take place immediately after the floods, aimed to bring together government officials, international organizations and local stakeholders to discuss and strategize on the recovery process. This delay will allow experts and researchers to better assess the situation and propose effective solutions meeting the specific needs of Derna.

“The postponement of the reconstruction conference demonstrates the commitment of the eastern authorities to ensuring a comprehensive and well-informed approach to the reconstruction of Derna,” said Ahmed Al-Mismari, spokesperson for the Libyan National Army. (LNA), which controls the eastern part. from the country.

The decision to postpone the event was made after careful consideration of the challenges associated with the reconstruction process. The floods, triggered by heavy rains and inadequate infrastructure, caused extensive damage to homes, businesses and public infrastructure, leaving many residents displaced and in desperate need of assistance.

“We want to make sure that we have all the necessary information and proposals before continuing with reconstruction efforts,” said Faraj Al-Barasi, the governor of Derna. “This postponement will allow experts to conduct detailed assessments and propose effective projects that meet the needs of our community.

The importance of careful planning and preparation in rebuilding after a disaster cannot be underestimated. By allowing more time, authorities can ensure that the conference will result in concrete plans and projects that will accelerate and optimize the recovery process of the flood-hit city.

It is crucial that the conference involves all relevant stakeholders, including representatives of local communities, international organizations and various government agencies. This collaborative effort will ensure that the reconstruction of Derna is inclusive, accountable and tailored to the specific needs of the affected population.

Although this postponement may cause some disappointment among those who wish to begin the rebuilding process, it is a necessary step to ensure a positive outcome. By prioritizing in-depth studies and comprehensive proposals, authorities in eastern Libya are demonstrating their determination to rebuild Derna in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Trials and tribulations may have hit Derna, but this postponement demonstrates the determination to rebuild and restore hope to citizens who have endured unimaginable hardships. Through collective efforts and careful planning, Derna will emerge from the rubble and thrive once again as a vibrant and prosperous city.

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