LinkedIn Unveils New AI Features to Improve Recruiting, Marketing and Learning on the Platform

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A social networking platform aimed at job seekers, professionals and businesses, LinkedIn has rolled out a series of new AI features to improve the usability of the platform.

Recently, the social network introduced a trio of artificial intelligence (AI) tools designed to optimize companies’ marketing, recruiting, sales and employee coaching efforts.

The first recently launched AI tool is called “Accelerate”. This tool according to LinkedIn is deployed for Campaign Managers, which is an existing service that marketers can use to launch advertising campaigns on the social network.

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Accelerate uses AI to automatically generate advertising campaigns complete with marketing copy and visuals.

The tool also suggests which audiences a brand’s ads should target. To activate the tool, marketers simply enter a link to a web page describing the products they want to promote.

Accelerate was rolled out alongside a second new AI tool called “Recruiter 2024”. As the name suggests, this tool is designed to help HR professionals easily find the right candidates for a job opening.

To search for potential candidates, recruiters simply enter natural language instructions into a chatbot-style interface. For example, a recruiter looking to hire software developers can type “find software developers” and they will be presented with a list of potential candidates.

LinkedIn noted that the tool’s natural language interface not only makes it easier to write search queries, but also allows users to find more relevant candidates than before.

Knowing full well that recruiters struggle to recruit the right candidates, deploying this tool will eliminate some of the challenges recruiters face, simplifying the sourcing experience and improving search accuracy to help find candidates relevant.

The third AI tool recently unveiled by LinkedIn is the Learning service, which provides access to employee training courses and other educational materials. The new tool aims to provide what the Microsoft unit describes as an “AI-driven coaching experience.”

It allows users to ask a question on a specific business topic, such as launching marketing projects, and receive advice in a natural language format. The tool is launched with an initial focus on two areas: leadership and management.

Additionally, it is able to highlight educational resources on LinkedIn Learning that answer the user’s question in more detail.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn is currently testing its new AI features with a limited number of customers. The company plans to make these features more widely available later this year.

The professional networking site will gradually roll out its first features, intended to streamline and simplify how recruiters find candidates on the site, between October 2023 and April 2024, and plans to announce further deployments in April.

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