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Botswana is a popular destination… and we’re not talking about incredible wildlife, pristine ecosystems and fascinating cultures, we’re talking about actual warmth! For some, the idea of ​​being hot on safari can be off-putting, so it’s good to know that there are lodges and safari camps with air conditioning!

The appeal of a Botswana safari is being alone in an intimate camp in a wild and isolated piece of paradise. But in these wilderness areas where electricity is generated either by solar power or a generator, air conditioning is not common. Most of these solar systems cannot generate enough power for air conditioning or to run the camp.. Instead, there are ceiling and/or pedestal fans and the camp’s tent design allows for natural air circulation.

It is worth noting that the peak safari season in Botswana is actually during the cooler months between May and September when there are sufficient fans. October is the hottest month where temperatures can reach 40°C/104°F, then from November to April temperatures are around 30-34°C/86-93°F.

If you insist on air conditioning in BOTSWANA, consider these lodges and camps

NOTE: Chobe and Kasane lodges have not been included as these areas are connected to the power grid.

– Belmond Savuti Safari Lodge –

SAVUTI SAFARI LODGE enjoys a superb location overlooking a busy waterhole allowing for animal action right in front of the lodge. The spacious, air-conditioned rooms have a large private bathroom and an outdoor shower. 95% of the lodge’s energy is provided by a state-of-the-art solar power plant.

– Belmond Eagle Island –

EAGLE ISLAND – This luxurious lodge occupies a prime position overlooking the flood plains. Each of the 12 large tented suites are built on platforms under a thatched roof which provides good shade with air conditioning for the hot months as well as a refreshing swimming pool. The lodge runs entirely on solar energy.


TAWANA – This exciting new camp opens in May 2024. There will be 8 contemporary suites (including 3 family suites), all with air conditioning above the beds. Each luxurious suite will have its own living room, private terrace, plunge pool and outdoor sala positioned for perfect privacy amidst a lush riparian forest.

– Atzaro –

ATZARO – This is an architectural representation of the new state-of-the-art Atzaro safari camp in the Okavango Delta. Powered entirely by solar energy, offering the perfect balance between sustainable living and opulent comfort. Each luxurious tent is equipped with air conditioning and a private plunge pool.


TULUDI tents measure 60 square meters! Wooden boardwalks wind through the lead trees to connect the seven treehouse-style tents. Each is kept cool by the shaded branches as well as by air conditioning when it is very hot. Private bathrooms have indoor and outdoor showers and jet bathtubs. Additionally, there is a private plunge pool on the outdoor terrace overlooking these enormous floodplains.

– Xaranna –

XARANNA is a charming camp with nine en-suite safari tents. Each of the air-conditioned tents features a romantic sala, private plunge pool, indoor bathtub and open-air shower with views of the Delta. The camp is cool, bright and airy, in harmony with the gentle beauty of its surroundings.

– Chief’s camp –

CHIEF’S CAMP has ten elegant and airy suites, among the largest in the Delta! These spacious 1,500 ft2 (140 m2) bush lodges have air conditioning as well as traditional fans. Bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and folding glass doors that reveal outdoor showers and sumptuous bathtubs, perfect for lounging.

– North Island –

NORTH ISLAND – With only 3 spacious tents in the camp, each resting on a raised wooden deck under the shaded branches of wild ebony trees. Each tent offers stunning views of the lagoon in front and a private plunge pool with a sunken terrace for cooling off, which you can enjoy whilst observing the wildlife that appears. At night, sit on the deck listening to the frogs tinkle like wind chimes and watch the fireflies wink at you across the water. For the hottest summer nights, air conditioning is available above the bed.

– Sandibé –

SANDIBE has 12 beautifully appointed air-conditioned suites, each designed to resemble a weaver bird’s nest. Each is a cocoon of intimacy, with breathtaking views and a private plunge pool. The lodge is a tribute to the skills of Botswana’s artisans and features intricate basketry, carved wooden tables and unique pieces.

Alternative cooling systems

Some leading luxury tented camps and lodges are opting for more natural and “eco-friendly” methods of cooling tents during the hot months with innovative overhead cooling systems and evaporative coolers. The most popular is the Evening Breeze cooling system, a quiet unit located above the bed that simply focuses on cooling the sleeping area.

– Camp Selinda –

SELINDA CAMP has 3 large suites and a two-bedroom tent villa, the Selinda Suite. Evening-Breeze cooling is provided on the four-poster bed and is powered by solar energy. The billowing silks that adorn the living room ceilings are a tribute to the afternoon air and breezes that ripple over the endless sea of ​​nearby grasses.

– Camp Zarafa –

ZARAFA CAMP – An exclusive safari experience with only 4 suites in Selinda Private Game Reserve. Suites are located under a canopy of ebony trees on a raised terrace with flowing canvas walls. Each suite has an extra-large bedroom, complete with Evening Breeze cooling system above the bed, an open bathroom and an outdoor area with a swimming pool and relaxation areas. All of the camp’s electricity comes from its solar farm, and a biogas system converts plant waste into usable cooking gas.

– Jack’s camp –

JACK’S CAMP is located in the remote salt pans of Makgadigadi, Botswana. Each sumptuous Bedouin-style tented suite includes a lounge area extending onto a terrace with a private plunge pool, a bedroom and a large open-plan bathroom and dressing room with a chaise longue and two sinks. All 10 tents have an above-bed air cooling system built into the four-poster beds. The camp is 100% solar powered.

– Jao –

JAO CAMP offers suites and villas, all with a private plunge pool, living room and dining area. Rooms feature an insulated Evening Breeze cooling system above the bed for a fraction of the energy used by conventional air conditioning.

– Plains of Duba –

DUBA PLAINS – The elegant 1920s-style tents are set up on raised platforms made from recycled railway sleepers. Each tent has a seating area that opens onto a private veranda with a plunge pool. Ceiling fans, eco-friendly air conditioning system above the bed and careful design maintain a comfortable climate.

– Douma Tau –

DUMA TAU – n-tent localized cooling provides environmentally friendly comfort. Overlooking the magnificent Osprey Lagoon where large herds of elephants come to drink, DumaTau has a modern and sophisticated style with very large suites featuring a large outdoor terrace with a private plunge pool. The beds are equipped with an Evening Breeze cooling system. DumaTau runs 100% on solar energy.

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