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Zannier Sonop is an extraordinary luxury retreat that transports travelers to a bygone era of elegance and adventure. This exclusive lodge offers an authentic safari experience in the heart of the Namib Desert, with its sumptuous 10-tent suites designed to evoke the romance of a 1920s desert expedition. Here you can wake up to breathtaking views take in the desert and embark on guided excursions to the iconic Sossusvlei dunes, where the ever-changing light creates a fascinating landscape. Beyond the natural wonders, Zannier Sonop offers a myriad of experiences to savor, from sunset walks to explore the magical desert twilight to gourmet dinners under the starry African skies. For those seeking serenity and luxury in one of the world’s most remote and breathtaking landscapes, Zannier Sonop is the ideal destination, with a heated infinity pool, open-air cinema and attentive, customer-friendly service. fault.

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