Luxury Safari in Tanzania (Podcast)

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Luxury Safari in Tanzania (Podcast)

Discover Tanzania travel on a luxury safari as the amateur traveler talks to Jane Horlings about her recent trip to 3 of Tanzania’s national parks.

In response to the question “why should we go to Tanzania?” » Jane said, “Oh my God. These are the animals. I am a biology teacher, now retired. So for me, vacations are often focused on wildlife and scenery, and it never disappoints. There are animals, big and small, that you see all day long when you go on safari.

Jane and her husband planned their trip to witness the great wildebeest and zebra migration in Serengeti National Park, but also visited Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve), more distant.

The Great Migration is the slow migration of large herds of grazing animals, particularly wildebeest and zebra, from north to south and then back again each year. As Jane describes it, it’s not really a one-way trip but rather a meandering of animals north… until one gets the idea to cross the crocodile-infested rivers towards the south to taste these pastures, then return. through the same obstacle.

Serengeti National Park is an incredible park, but it was much more populated with safari vehicles and animals than the other two parks. To save time and ensure Jane’s return, they flew between these parks instead of making the long drives that would be necessary to see everything in the same trip.

Leo too close for comfort

Jane describes camp life and the safari experience, including a close encounter with lions…and I mean really close. Fortunately, when sitting in a safari vehicle, people don’t look like something is on the menu.

Although Serengeti National Park rules state that you must be in the park at night, they have had night safari experiences in Ruaha National Park, including using infrared cameras to be able to see the animals without the traditionally spotlights. used. They also had the option of setting up camera traps on the trails to see what animals were passing by when they were elsewhere.

Ruaha National Park is a dry landscape where animals are not as plentiful, but tourists were even fewer. Nyerere National Park welcomes day-trippers from Zanzibar who come to visit it. It is a green park with a wide variety of animals.

Find out what questions to ask when planning your next or perhaps first safari in Tanzania.



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Africa Travel Resource: Safari Experts
Serengeti National Park
Ruaha National Park
Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve)


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Cheetah - Luxury Safari in Tanzania (Podcast) #africa safari #tanzania #serengeti #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Cheetah - Luxury Safari in Tanzania (Podcast) #africa safari #tanzania #serengeti #travel #vacation #trip #holiday

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