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We’re not necessarily suggesting you travel from the US to Africa on a business jet (although it’s entirely possible and absolutely makes international travel simpler), but we certainly recommend using your own private charters once you are on the ground. , and benefit from the services of a private safari guide to personalize your safari experiences to meet the interests and needs of you and your family.

Sailing plane…

Having a private plane eliminates the hassle of traveling from place to place in Africa and allows you to build an itinerary combining a number of different countries and destinations that are often too far apart to enjoy when of a traditional safari. This also minimizes time spent in busy airports, in queues and departure lounges and allows maximum flexibility in departure times. You will never be refused boarding if you are a few minutes late!

From a family point of view, it’s also much smoother and less stressful for children, and gives you levels of in-flight comfort and service that standard scheduled aircraft do not offer. No one wants to spend time with hundreds of people crowding around a crowded airport check-in counter, with security checks and queues at immigration desks stretching out. infinity. Or the risk of canceled or delayed flights putting an entire vacation in jeopardy. Going private is therefore a highly desirable option.

Guide at your fingertips…

A private safari guide also helps reduce stress by allowing you to effortlessly navigate between countries and destinations, taking over management of your itinerary and helping you interpret everything you see and do, making you taking you to the best places and maximizing every experience throughout the journey. path. They accompany you on activities, help you interpret the African wilderness and educate you about the wildlife you will see.

When it comes to families, private guides also offer amazing things for your children to do and see and become an extended part of your family during the time you spend together, allowing you to completely relax and let someone another to take care of all the tasks. the smallest details, the dots i and the crosses t.

Guaranteed exclusivity

To complement your private plane and private guide, we recommend exclusive-use safari destinations that offer self-catering family accommodation options, private vehicles and tailor-made safari activities for everyone in your family. We work with some of the best safari brands in Africa, offering exceptional private safari houses, villas, family tent suites and small, intimate private camps that can be fully subscribed, all in some of the most popular safari destinations. sought after in Africa.

All offer fabulous programs created for children on safari, giving your children their own version of a private guided experience!

Various destinations

On a private safari, you can easily combine the best of Africa for an incredible vacation. From the Great Wildebeest Migration in East Africa and Gorilla Trekking in Uganda to the legendary Okavango Delta in Botswana, Kruger National Park and Cape Town in South Africa, Victoria Falls, Mana basins and Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe and the lower Zambezi valley in Zambia and southern Luangwa. . The possibilities are literally endless.

We guide you through the process of developing your itinerary, selecting the destinations you want to include and creating a portfolio of incredible lodges, camps and hotels, things to do and see and must-see places along the way. We’ve put together a short list of guides we work with to help you select the best private plane options for your family.

Get in touch!

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a private family safari for you and your loved ones, then get in touch and let’s meet to see what is available and which parts of Africa you would like to explore!

See you soon!

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