Macky Sall–Amadou Ba, at the time of the puppets

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By deciding to reshuffle his government, we could hope that Macky Sall would change Prime Minister in order to leave to the one who is now declared candidate of Benno Bokk Yakaar in the next elections of February 2024 greater freedom of maneuver in order to devote himself entirely to the next presidential. Which, moreover, would have satisfied the code of ethics in electoral matters. We must believe that Macky Sall prefers to see in Amadou Ba a new superman capable of managing both the public affairs of Senegal and the electoral turmoil. This seems somewhat presumptuous! Above all, it is the best way to mix genres and occupy the media space at little cost, to the detriment of the principle of equality with other candidates.

This new Mackysalian-style tinkering also gives the impression of déjà vu on our screens with the Russian Putin-Medvedev tandem, the former having one day left the place of President of the Russian Federation to his Prime Minister to better reclaim it a few years later. A game of musical chairs well known to politicians, a real sleight of hand. We can’t help but think that Macky Sall agreed to leave in order to come back in five years. And for this, the best way is to put Amadou Ba on an electronic bracelet, under close surveillance. You only need to look at the composition of the current government to be convinced of this.

It seems that in a previous life Macky Sall was a conjurer, an expert in illusions, not to be confused with a magician who performs magic tricks, which has been far from being the case during the last two mandates. In reality, like a runner over four hundred meters, bib Macky Sall at line no. 1 has just passed the baton to bib no. 2 Amadou Ba who will pass the baton on to him a few hundred meters further, just before the finish line… in 2029. Well done artist, but the string is a little big.

Ibrahima Thiam
President of the “Autre Future” movement
Special advisor to candidate Abdoul Mbaye

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