Man sues 27 women, claiming they posted negative reviews about him on ‘Are we dating the same guy’ Facebook group

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D’Ambrosio is seeking damages in excess of $75,000 and an injunction to prevent defendants from continuing to post statements about him on the Chicago subreddit of “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” The Facebook page.

The Facebook group in question is part of a network of “Are We Dating the Same” groups that allow users to discuss negative encounters with men in their local communities.

Subgroups exist for many large metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada.

According to the complaint, “Are We Dating the Same” once proclaimed itself as a “red flag awareness group” aimed at protecting women from “toxic men.”

The Chicago subgroup, which has more than 80,000 members, now describes itself as protecting women, “without judging men.”

D’Ambrosio’s complaint alleges that thousands of men have been “potentially defamed,” some without even knowing they are the subject of derogatory messages, while adding that there is no fact-checking of the statements made by users.

In D’Ambrosio’s case, he claims in the complaint that a woman he had consensual sex with posted a photo of him on the group.

In response to the post, comments from several women called him “psycho” and “very clingy”, with one accusing him of ghosting her after they slept together.

Demanding a jury trial, D’Ambrosio alleged in the complaint that the post and subsequent comments caused him humiliation, emotional distress and damage to his reputation, and resulted in an unspecified loss of income.

The lawsuit also names several divisions of Meta as defendants, accusing the company of profiting from advertising on pages displaying defamatory and invasive content.

Other defendants include Patreon, the website and GoFundMe.

The group’s founder, Paola Sanchez, also named as a defendant, launched a GoFundMe last year to create an app.

Sanchez, GoFundMe, Meta and Patreon did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment, which were sent outside of business hours.

Trent Law Firm, representing D’Ambrosio, also did not immediately respond to BI.

Defect reported last year on the challenges of “Are We Dating the Same Guy” groups, noting that even if they wanted to appeal to women’s safety, people are often unable to defend themselves and women don’t always corroborate their stories .

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