Man Used 46-Year-Old Ticket Costing $8 To Enter Disney’s Magic Kingdom: ‘There Is No Expiration Date’

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“It was gathering dust before I was born,” Ables said. “I just assumed it was an old family heirloom until I realized it had never been used and had no expiration date.”

To settle the question of whether he had a “golden ticket” or was “delusional,” Ables said he flew to Orlando to see if he could win entrance to the amusement park.

The video shows Ables approaching customer relations with the vintage ticket.

After an employee stamped “blank” all over the ticket and left the booth, Ables said he felt nervous.

However, the Disney employee returned with a yellow pass, giving him access to the park.

Accounting for inflation, the 1978 bill would have a current value of about $38.

Walt Disney World did not immediately respond to BI’s request for comment.

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