Mark Zuckerberg can’t leave the metaverse

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An anonymous reader share a story: Nearly two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg renamed his company Facebook to Meta – and since then he has focused on building the “metaverse”, a three-dimensional virtual reality. But the metaverse has lost some of its luster since 2021. Companies like Disney have shuttered their metaverse divisions and downplayed use of the word, while crypto-based startup metaverses have quietly languished or imploded. In 2022, Meta’s Reality Labs division reported an operating loss of $13.7 billion. But at Meta Connect 2023, Zuckerberg still didn’t abandon the metaverse – he just changed the way he talks about it. It once focused on the Metaverse as a new, all-digital world. Today, his goal is to convince the public that the future is a mix of digital and physical.

At Connect this year, Zuckerberg pointed out that the modern “real world” combines the physical world and the still-under-construction digital world – and that it all results in “this concept we call the metaverse.” He added: “Very soon, I think we’re going to get to a point where you’ll be there physically with some of your friends, and others will be there digitally as avatars or holograms, and they’ll just feel . as present as everyone else. Or you will walk into a meeting and sit at a table. There will be people who are there physically and people who will be there digitally as holograms, but also sitting around the table with you, they will be a group of AI guys who are embodied as holograms and which also help you achieve different things. ”

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