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So what can you expect? The sky is a swirl of pinks and oranges, and birds chirp excitedly all around you as your guide stops the vehicle. You take one look at your surroundings and you know this place is special – your guide’s favorite secret to share. Perhaps a watering hole already dotted with thirsty animals on the banks or a clearing with an expansive view of the plains.

Soon after you settle in, you smell freshly brewed coffee or tea meandering through the cool morning air, promising a boost of energy (and maybe even a little extra oomph in the form of a pinch of ‘Amarula, a South African creamy liqueur. ). Sunlight slowly passes through the bush, and as the heat spreads, you might hear a distant rustle, growl, or roar. It’s magic hour, friends. The wildlife is bustling, the bush is alive and you’re doing more than just observing what’s happening: you’re part of the experience.

These coffee and tea stops are more than just a much-needed caffeine hit before a day exploring the bush. They are about connection – with nature, your loved ones, your guide and yourself. Talk about a way to start your day!

So while you’re packing your bags and prepare your Safari, take a moment to look forward to those dawn coffee and tea stops that await you. Whether you’re a morning person or not, I guarantee it will be a highlight.

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