My daughter is a petty thief, not a murderer: mother of suspect in Nairobi hospital finance boss murder

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The mother of the teenager suspected in the bloody murder of former Nairobi Hospital acting CFO Eric Maigo has come forward to explain the troubled past of her daughter, who she says was a petty thief who often went missing school and got into a lot of trouble. with her.

“After reaching level four at Olympic Primary School, she became difficult to manage. She pretended to leave the house to go to school, but I realized she was changing into house clothes somewhere along the way and would go on expeditions in the surrounding area. Marché Toi. She would then come home in the evening saying she was coming from school,” her mother said.

The suspect, who was registered as a minor but who, according to the mother, was born in 2003 and was not a minor, was remanded in custody for 21 days pending investigation.

Mr Maigo’s body was found in a pool of blood in his home, after he was stabbed 25 times on the morning of September 15, 2023.

The DCI then published photographs of the suspect showing her being in the compound close to that of the deceased and escaping by jumping over a barbed wire wall.

The DCI named her as the prime suspect in the murder, sending shockwaves of disbelief across the country, and she was apprehended on Tuesday at the Kibra Olympic Estate.

Her mother disputes that out of everything her errant daughter can do, murder is the least.

“About the story of the murder of this man, she denied it. I asked her about it and she denied it and I also support her. I don’t believe she could murder anyone.”

Adding that she doubts her daughter owns a phone, she said she would like to be informed about how, as DCI claims, “my daughter met this man and how they ended up in his room together.”

Her mother added that “my prayer is that she is taken to a psychiatrist to check if she is mentally okay.”

The DCI, in her public briefing on the murder, revealed that she was wearing a red checkered shirt and gray animal print pants which were later found abandoned in a wooden hut in Bombolulu village in Kibra.

The mother spoke fully about the efforts she made to positively develop her character.

“I even warned her that she would no longer live with me. The day she was away for an entire night – the night Mr Maigo was murdered – I had demanded that I take her to the chief’s camp and reveal where she had been,” said the mother, who we cannot name for legal reasons.

Telling all this to the NTV investigative bureau, she complained that “despite being my only daughter, she was beginning to lack respect for herself.”

Although the opinion of his mother does not count in the legal process that the suspect undergoes, criminal guilt or lack of guilt depends directly on the way in which the due process will be carried out, however, the immense public interest that the The affair aroused saw his relative present himself. to give the country a glimpse of stardom now in strange circumstances.

She revealed that at one point she came home with a big bag full of clothes “and I told her no, you must have stolen them.” You have to take me to where you got them.”

She freely admitted that she could not defend her daughter in the event of a theft.

“My daughter has stolen many items, including a jerry can of salad from a local store. There was a time when she would go to Toi market and return with a bag full of clothes,” she said.

She says it reached a point where “my sister who resides in Kayole Estate in Nairobi came to take her with her and enrolled her in Ruai Primary School from where she was accused of stealing 19,000 shillings belonging to his teachers.”

Lucky to have landed an academic sponsorship from a benefactor of foreign nationality, where at Olympic Primary School, she became difficult to manage while in the fourth grade, she began to wander around the neighborhood.

The night Mr. Maigo was murdered, the suspect, according to his mother, was in the house.

“We had argued earlier about the food going missing when she was the only one in the house. I kicked her out of the house but she came back later and found we had cooked and eaten,” she said.

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