My twins are in different grades and planning their birthdays has been overwhelming. Here’s how I celebrated them individually.

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It’s doubly awkward when you have twins who like completely different things — “Frozen” versus “Lego Ninjago” — and are in separate classes. They will be 5 years old in January and we will not be able to organize a small family celebration this year.

They have both already attended a few class parties and have made it clear that they expect the same thing. But with 30 kids in each of their classes, does that mean we have to have a party with 60 kids?! It would be cruel to make them invite 10-15 kids from each class while they are still getting to know everyone.

I feel like this dilemma is specific to parents of multiples. How on earth do you find a space that accommodates 60 wild kids and their parents too, because many won’t want to be left alone? And are there any board games for that many kids that will be fun and not total chaos? Sleeping lions, perhaps!

Clearly, outsourcing is the key to successful children’s birthday parties. I’m happy to pay a professional to keep the kids entertained and exhausted, but who knows if a magic show or Elsa impersonator would be enough with that many little ones.

There are so many things to think about, including the question of gifts.

We live in difficult economic times and the idea that boys receive piles of gifts It seems disgusting to me. They’re very lucky, there’s really nothing they need right now and we don’t have space in our house for more stuff.

But for some reason, the trend of cutting back on materialistic items doesn’t seem to extend to kids’ birthday gifts. We’d be more than happy to tell other parents not to buy the boys anything – or maybe band together to get them something like a scooter, but that doesn’t seem to be a “done deal” yet. Additionally, the parents also continue to get to know each other – it’s only been two months.

Every child deserves to be spoiled on their birthday. Our oldest son has birthday parties every year and we always try to give the twins the same treats and opportunities. Therefore, we believe we have settled on a plan that will work well for everyone. We are going to have the same party, twice, consecutively in the same day. We’ll do one of the boy’s classes first, followed by pretty much the exact same party for his brother. We chose a gym, with a bouncy castle and softplay equipment.

This plan means they will each be able to play with their own friends, blow out the candles on their own cake and be celebrated as individuals. Yes, there may still be up to 60 kids total, but that seems more manageable now that they won’t all be there at the same time. And this is a unique event; it will not happen again. Well, at least not before the age of 18, anyway!

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