Namibians excel at Momentum Metropolitan Africa Recognition awards

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Momentum Metropolitan Namibia has won half a dozen awards at the Group’s 2023 Africa Recognition Awards, including the accolade for the most improved domestic operation in the major conglomerate’s continental subsidiaries.

Several members of the team were rewarded for their contribution to the success of the Namibian subsidiary as well as the overall performance of the group. The awards recognize outstanding contributions across Africa, reinforcing Momentum Metropolitan’s commitment to excellence.

“We are extremely proud of our Namibian colleagues who not only meet, but exceed expectations in their various roles,” said Sakaria Nghikembua, Managing Director of Momentum Metropolitan Namibia. “These distinctions demonstrate the depth of talent within our organization. »

The Namibian members recognized at the Africa Awards are:

1. Phahama Awards Winner: Christopher Storm;

2. The 8 best financial advisors: Betty Ndjiva, Momentum Metropolitan Namibia;

3. Overall winner, Top Broker consultant: Luandro Steyn, Momentum;

4. Big winner, best distribution manager: Frederik Van Zyl, Momentum;

5. Overall Winner, CEO/Head of Top Asset Manager: Evangelina Nailenge, Momentum Investments; And,

6. Overall Winner, Most Improved Country: Sakaria Nghikembua, Managing Director of Momentum Metropolitan Namibia.

“We couldn’t be happier that Sakaria Nghikembua was honored as the ‘Most Improved Country’ at the Momentum Metropolitan Africa Recognition Awards 2023,” said Denille Roostee, Group Marketing Manager. “This recognition is a testament to Sakaria’s exceptional leadership and vision, which has been instrumental in the unprecedented achievements we have seen this year. His leadership has enabled us to establish new benchmarks not only in Namibia, but within the Momentum Metropolitan group across Africa.

“What really stands out is Sakaria’s humility,” she said, adding, “During the ceremony, he said, ‘I’m here to represent the people; It’s the people’s victory, not mine. This humility is one of his most effective leadership qualities and speaks volumes about the type of leader he is.

“The remarkable financial performance and notable accolades received by our Namibian colleagues at the Momentum Metropolitan Africa Recognition Awards 2023 highlight the strength and resilience of Momentum Metropolitan as a leading institution. These achievements have set new standards of excellence across our operations, and we are deeply proud of each individual’s contribution to these milestones.

“Momentum Metropolitan Group’s financial results and Namibian awards are testament to the effectiveness of our long-term strategies, the commitment of our people and the robustness of our business model. As we look to the future, we remain focused on providing service to our clients, building lasting relationships with financial advisors and brokers, and generating exceptional value for our shareholders.

Momentum Metropolitan Namibia Managing Director Sakaria Nghikembua (middle) celebrates the company’s performance at the group’s recent Africa Recognition Awards.

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