Nature retracts embattled physicist’s controversial superconductivity paper

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Nature has retracted controversial article claiming the discovery of a superconductor – a material that carries electrical currents with zero resistance – capable of operating at room temperature and relatively low pressure. From a report: The text of the retraction notice indicates that it was requested by eight co-authors. “They expressed the opinion, as researchers who contributed to the work, that the published article does not accurately reflect the provenance of the materials studied, the experimental measurements undertaken and the data processing protocols applied,” the text reads , adding that these co-authors “concluded that these issues compromise the integrity of the published article.”

This is the third high-profile retraction of a paper by the two lead authors, physicists Ranga Dias of the University of Rochester in New York and Ashkan Salamat of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Nature removed a separate article last year and Physical Review Letters withdrew one in August. This creates more problems, especially for Dias, who some researchers believe plagiarized parts of his doctoral dissertation. Dias objected to the first two retractions and did not respond regarding the last one. Salamat approved both this year. “It’s not surprising at this point that Dias and Salamat’s team retracted a third high-profile paper,” says Paul Canfield, a physicist at Iowa State University in Ames and the Ames National Laboratory. ‘Souls. Many physicists had seen Nature’s retraction as inevitable after the other two – and especially since the Wall Street Journal and Science reported in September that 8 of the paper’s 11 authors – including Salamat – had requested it in a letter the newspaper.

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