New Jersey decides to ban the sale of new gasoline vehicles starting in 2035

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Brian Silvestro reports via New Jersey announced a new rule Wednesday defining plans to move light vehicle sales in the state to 100% zero emissions by 2035. According to a statement released by Governor Phil Murphy’s office, the law, called Advanced Clean Cars II, will take effect starting in 2027, and manufacturers will be required to ensure that zero-emission vehicles account for 42% of sales in the state. This percentage will increase every year until 2035, when it will reach 100 percent. Currently, electric vehicles account for about 12% of all new vehicle sales, according to the governor’s office.

The new law will also establish stricter standards for traditional combustion engine vehicles, with the goal of improving air quality in New Jersey communities and high-traffic corridors. Although the announcement does not directly mention investment in charging infrastructure, the governor’s office highlights its continued commitment to providing adequate charging locations across the state, saying it helped fund the installation of 2,980 charging stations with 5,271 ports spread over 680 locations. New Jersey is the ninth state to ban future sales of ICE cars, joining California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington.

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