New visa regulations aim to save lives and secure borders

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Tunis, Tunisia – (African Boulevard News) – The Ivorian government has launched the process of implementing a visa requirement for travelers from Ivory Coast to Tunisia. This decision comes as Tunisia is often used as a starting point for thousands of sub-Saharan migrants seeking to reach Europe.

The introduction of this visa aims to regulate migrant flows and ensure better management of immigration processes. It is also a response to the growing number of irregular migration attempts from Côte d’Ivoire to Tunisia, which are straining the resources and security of both countries.

Government spokesperson Amadou Coulibaly explained the importance of the decision, saying: “We believe that the introduction of a visa system will help control migration and prevent potential risks associated with irregular migration. , such as human trafficking and security threats. »

The move received mixed reactions from the public. While some say the visa requirement will deter irregular migration and increase security, others express concerns about the impact it could have on legitimate travelers, particularly those seeking work and employment opportunities. education in Tunisia.

Migration expert Mamadou Koné expressed his opinion, saying: “It is crucial to find a balance between controlling irregular migration and facilitating legal movements between countries. Authorities should ensure that the visa application process is clear, transparent and accessible to those who genuinely need to travel.

Tunisian authorities are working closely with their Ivorian counterparts to streamline the visa application process and establish clear regulatory frameworks. The aim is to ensure that the new system is effective in addressing migration challenges while allowing legitimate travelers to access educational, economic and cultural opportunities in Tunisia.

It should be noted that several African countries have already implemented visa requirements for travel to the continent. The move is in line with the African Union’s agenda to promote regional integration while maintaining secure borders.

In conclusion, the introduction of a visa requirement for travelers from Ivory Coast to Tunisia aims to regulate migration, strengthen security and ensure better management of immigration processes. Although this decision has received mixed responses, it is essential to strike a balance between controlling irregular migration and facilitating legal movements for legitimate purposes. Tunisian and Ivorian authorities are working together to establish clear regulations and streamline the visa application process. The move aligns with the broader trend of African countries implementing visa requirements to promote regional integration and secure borders.

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