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Written by Karen L. Bystrom


Rapping for (climate) change

El Hadji Malick Ndiaye, PhD, associate professor of modern languages ​​and cultures and African and African American studies, wanted to find more integrated tools to keep students focused and interested during this summer’s French in France and Africa program. Students merged French and environmentalism lessons into a music video with the help of Senegalese rappers.

Old students

Ha’aheo Auwae-Dekker, Film and Media ’22, is a member of the curatorial team at Flaherty NYC, a prestigious documentary film organization. This year, the series takes the form of an offering, as part of a collective response to the 2022 Flaherty Film Seminar. Drifting Cloud Continents programmed by Almudena Escobar-López and Sky Hopinka. The 25th season of Flaherty NYC opens Friday, November 17, and will take place as a mini-seminar over the weekend of November 18-19 in person in New York City, alongside hybrid and online programming. Learn more.


Ken Allan, PhD, associate professor of art history, was part of the leadership team for the Association of the Arts Present (ASAP) conference. While hosted largely at UW, he presented one of SU’s main events, “Rivers of Resurgence” with Olivia Gagnon. There were two events on October 6, one for students and one for the community at large, both co-sponsored by the Pigott Family Endowment for the Arts.

John H. Armstrong, PhD, assistant professor of environmental studies, published a study in the journal Urban climate examine how cities and other local governments can coordinate to increase the effectiveness of their climate change mitigation policy programs.

Byron Au YongMFA, Director, MFA in Arts Leadership and Interdisciplinary Arts-Arts Leadership, Associate Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership, presented Singing with the trees with Eun Ju Vivianna Oh and a workshop with material from her work in progress, Forest Aeternumwithin the framework of UP Lift: Collaborations with Nature Daily Events at the Bloedel reserve, from October 1 to 5.

Caitlin CarlsonPhD, chair and associate professor, communication and media, published an article in Practice of journalism, Carlson, C.R. and Terry, C. (2023). “The devil is in the details: How national defamation laws can (and cannot) combat hate speech.”

Sarah D. CatePhD, assistant professor, political science, co-author «The school-to-prison pipeline and the limits of the metaphor,” Published in New Political Science: A Journal of Politics and Culture.

Jackson Cooperr, MFA, Arts Leadership ’22, Adjunct Faculty, Arts Leadership, published a new book, A children’s book about kindnesswith a party/signing planned for November 4 at 5 p.m. at Florentino’s Flower Shop, 2812 E. Madison St. He recently wrote, “Queer fundraisers need you now” For Inside Philanthropy. (Item is temporarily available without an account.)

Kathleen CookPhD, psychology professor, and UW colleague Jennifer Turns will present their paper titled “Designing a Toolkit for Dissemination” at the Frontiers of Education conference in College Station, Texas. The paper describes a process for forming a toolkit that uses co-design. The toolkit is a way to disseminate transferable activities from a major NSF grant beyond academic journals.

Daniel Avi Gilbert CorenPhD, assistant professor of philosophy, had two articles accepted for publication, “Moral Responsibility Must Look Back” by American Philosophical Reviewand “Giving up Gratitude” by Analytical philosophy.

Elizabeth Dale, PhD, associate professor, nonprofit leadership, was quoted in the Bloomberg article: “Soros Son’s new shakeup puts $25 billion philanthropy on hold.” (Requires free registration.)

Audrey HudginsEdD, Associate Clinical Professor at the Matteo Ricci Institute, Affiliate Professor of International Studies, has been selected to be part of the American delegation to the biennial meeting of the Jesuit Migration Network – Central America/North America to be held in San Salvador, El Salvador in October 2023. Alongside Radio Huaya research partner Monica Lopez Cuétara, she will present the Plataforma Huaya H-2A transnational research study on labor migration.

David KwonPhD, MBA, MDiv, MSW/AM, Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies, published an article titled “Jus post Bellum and Catholic social thought: just political participation as peacebuilding through civil society” in the Journal of Catholic Social Thought for the Summer/Fall 2023 issue. Other recent publications include “A Confucian Contribution to the Catholic Just War Tradition” Journal of Interreligious Studies; “Sexual abuse of clergy and the ethics of recognition” Journal of the Society for Christian Ethics; “The demand of Catholic social teaching for education in justice in Catholic residential schools” AXIS: Review of Lasallian Higher Education; and “Reimagining Racial Justice: A Theological and Moral Discourse on the Recent Rise of Anti-Asian American Hate Crimes” Asian American Theological Forum. He also received a grant titled “Integral Ecology and Environmental Justice at a Jesuit University” from the Wabash Center for Theology and Religion Teaching and Learning. This will also be highlighted in the university’s upcoming Fall OSP Observer newsletter.

Allison Machlis MeyerPhD, associate professor of English, published an article entitled “Teaching All-Female, Non-Binary Shakespeare at Performance and Non-Binary Shakespeare at Performance» as part of a roundtable on “New approaches to teaching Shakespeare with live performances” at the CEA Forum 49.2 (summer/fall) 2023.

James Miles, MFA, assistant professor, performing arts and artistic leadership, was appointed Head of Creative Economy for the Seattle Office of Economic Development.

Quinton Morris, DMA, violin teacher. along with three of his violin students from his Key to Change program, he performed for Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States. After the performance, Dr. Biden expressed his appreciation to Dr. Morris and his students in take a photo with them after the event. Dr. Morris hosted a live taping of his show, Reactivate voices on Classical KING, at Key to Change Studios on October 7. The show is available here.

Eric SeversonPhD, Senior Instructor in Philosophy, presented an invited talk, “The Implicitness of Racism: Combating Oppression with the Tools of Eugene Gendlin” at the 2023 Gendlin Symposium.

Kirsten Moana Thompson, PhD, Professor and Director of Film Studies and Theiline Pigott-McCone Chair (2022-24), began serving on the Creative and Performing Arts Committee of the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF), which in during the period 2023-2026, will create new guidelines. and review all research findings and impacts in the creative and performing arts at New Zealand universities over the previous 7 years. Similar to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in the UK and similar structures in Australia and Canada, this government-mandated process is required for all publicly funded higher education institutions.

Casey Watkins, PhD, CSCS, assistant professor of kinesiology, celebrated the successful defense of the thesis of the student she co-supervises in New Zealand. The thesis was titled ‘The impact of Covid-19 isolation on strength and power profiles in professional rugby union players’, submitted to Auckland University of Technology as part of the Masters in sport, exercise and health (MSEH).

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