One millennial mocked corporate workers who used military jargon in the office: “We’re not in the trenches; we are in Excel’

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“We will not invade Iwo Jima,” he said. “We’re going to a sales conference in Omaha, you’re going to earn Hilton points and miles.”

Many viewers were thrilled by the PSA and shared their own experiences.

“We have a ‘war room’ for DOCUMENT REVIEW,” one commenter wrote.

“Our printer broke in the office and my boss yelled ‘We’re practically dead in the water!'” said another. “Please Madam.”

“My job says ‘please escalate concerns up your chain of command’ ok sergeant,” another wrote.

A fourth commenter added: “I definitely said ‘mission critical’ today in a meeting and I deserve that call.”

Lawler, head of newsletter operations at production company Almost Friday Media, told Business Insider that he created the @workretiredie account in 2017 to express his “frustrations with office culture.” He now has 200,000 subscribers across Instagram, TwitterAnd Tic Tac.

That said, the video wasn’t meant to make fun of “veterans entering the workforce and still using terms from their military days,” Lawler said, adding, “It’s meant to make fun of people who think that project monitoring is as important as a military operation. »

Lawler isn’t the first person to go viral for spoofing corporate speech. In September, Hannah Shirley, a Gen Z techie, went viral on TikTok for encouraging people to communicate more authentically at work. She said the way she spoke at work contributed to her feeling like her job was a “full-time acting job.”

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