OpenAI claims New York Times ‘paid someone to hack OpenAI’s products’ in federal court filing

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“The truth, which will come out in this case, is that the Times paid someone to hack OpenAI’s products,” OpenAI’s lawyers say. wrote in a motion filed in Manhattan federal court Monday.

In its new filing, OpenAI asks the judge overseeing the overall lawsuit to dismiss, in whole or in part, four of the six counts brought by the Times against OpenAI in its lawsuit.

THE The Times first sued OpenAI and Microsoft last December, alleging that the two companies illegally used Times articles to train their AI chatbots to create products that competed with them, which amounted to copyright infringement.

But, OpenAI’s lawyers wrote in Monday’s papermotion that the manner in which the Times caused the AI ​​platform to display apparently plagiarized responses did not meet its own “notoriously rigorous journalistic standards.”

Not only did the Times pay someone to “hack” OpenAI’s products, the filing claims, but it also manipulated the system to produce misleading evidence for the case.

“It took them tens of thousands of attempts to generate the highly anomalous results” described in the Times complaint, OpenAI’s filing says.

“They were only able to do this by targeting and exploiting a bug (which OpenAI has committed to fixing) using misleading prompts that blatantly violate OpenAI’s terms of service,” wrote OpenAI lawyers in the case. “And even then, they had to populate the tools using the very articles they were seeking to obtain verbatim passages from, virtually all of which already appear on multiple public websites.”

“Normal people do not use OpenAI products in this way,” the filing continues.

OpenAI doesn’t specifically name the Times’ “mercenary,” nor does it provide many details to support its accusation — it simply suggests that the media company paid an “agent” to create “artificial attacks” against the technology from OpenAI.

OpenAI goes on to assert that the Times does not own the facts and language, which it says are central to the formation of its platforms.

The Times lawsuit is just one costume among many that have been filed against OpenAI and other tech companies in recent months. A number of writersincluding George RR Martin, Sarah Silverman, John Grisham and thousands of others rallied to sue the company for copyright infringement.

Lawyers for The New York Times did not respond to BI’s request for comment on the allegations.

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