Pioneering talent and technology in sub-Saharan Africa

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Innovative streaming platform marks milestone in representing emerging markets

LOS ANGELES, January 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BOM PIC Global TV, a pioneering global streaming platform and a key subsidiary of BreakOut Music & Films, is proud to announce the winners of its inaugural Sub-Saharan Screenplay Competition 2023. This landmark event marks a foray significant in emerging markets, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, encompassing Nigeria, Kenya, UgandaAnd South Africa.



Garnering a massive response, the competition highlights BOM PIC Global TV’s commitment to discovering and nurturing new talents in the field of storytelling. The selection of three winners from a group of candidates demonstrates the extent of the untapped potential and creative flair of these regions.

Winners: “We are Family” by George Okhenga Otieno (Kenya), “The Visitor” by Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu (Nigeria), & “Dream” by Victor Edohand and Marcos Fizzotti (Nigeria). Finalists: “The Night Runner by Jacktoner Alufwani (Kenya) “From the Orchard to the Market” by Papa Wesley (Kenya)

Co-CEO Pierre Jean reflects on the company: “Since our creation in April 2023, BOM PIC Global is deeply invested in the sub-Saharan creative landscape. This competition is a testament to our mission to empower local voices and bring their unique stories to a global audience. »

Competition winners receive a cash prize and a premium subscription to Final Draft, the world’s leading screenwriting software. This strategic collaboration with Final Draft and Breakout Music LLC provides winners with industry-standard tools, fostering their growth as screenwriters and content creators.

Miriam Bavlyco-CEO, specifies: “At BOM PIC Global, our vision transcends entertainment. We are committed to empowering storytellers, giving them a global stage. This competition is the cornerstone of our quest to redefine content creation and distribution in emerging markets. »

The success of the script competition highlights BOM PIC Global TV’s role as a catalyst in the global content creation landscape. It not only highlights the company’s innovative approach to integrating technology and talent, but also strengthens its leadership position in promoting positive representation and diverse narratives from emerging countries .

As BOM PIC Global TV continues to expand its presence, it remains committed to its mission of being a vanguard in creating positive imagery content, heralding a new era in global storytelling.

For more information, visit ( or download the BOM PIC app from the app stores.



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