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The Polish government has adopted a special resolution on EU migration and asylum reform, condemning the bloc’s relocation system in light of the drastic increase in migrant arrivals on the Italian island of Lampedusa .

Lampedusa is struggling to cope with the sharp increase in arrivals, with around 8,500 migrants arriving in three days, almost as many as the island’s population.

The government “adopted a resolution which refers (…) to the situation in Lampedusa, but Lampedusa is only a symbol of the situation which threatens all of Europe, including Poland”, declared the Deputy Prime Minister. minister and leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. party, Jarosław Kaczyński, said on Tuesday, quoted by RMF-FM private radio.

Poland and Hungary were the most vocal critics of the EU’s new mandatory system of solidarity-based migration management when the Council approved it in June.

Under this system, each EU member state can choose to participate in relocations or make a financial or operational contribution.

But the option of a financial contribution has not gone down well with Poland, with the government calling it a sanction for refusing to take in migrants earlier this year.

Furthermore, Warsaw believes it has already done its fair share in managing migration to the EU by welcoming more than a million war refugees from Ukraine.

In the new resolution, the government completely rejects relocation. In a document to be sent to the European Commission, Poland would insist on rescinding its resignation from the 2018 compromise and renouncing mandatory relocation, according to Kaczyński.

The only method to combat the “incursion” of migrants is the strengthening of the EU’s external borders and the repatriation of those who have reached the bloc, “or another solution, but in any case linked to the expulsion of these people from EU territory,” Kaczyński said.

By adopting the resolution, the government sends “a clear message” to the European Commission, but also to the opposition Civic Platform (PO) party, led by Donald Tusk, according to which the ruling camp does not agree with illegal immigration, Morawiecki said.

According to him, Lampedusa should be a wake-up call for the EU.

“The whole of Europe, the whole EU could become Lampedusa if we continue to make the same old mistakes, the scheme and the mechanisms proposed by the Commission,” Morawiecki warned.

Irregular migration is one of the key issues ahead of October’s elections, which will be accompanied by a referendum on the EU’s proposed migration and asylum system. He will ask voters if they “support accepting thousands of irregular migrants from the Middle East and Africa under the forced relocation mechanism imposed by European bureaucrats.”

During the first half of the year, the Commission and the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU repeatedly stressed that relocation was not mandatory under the new program and that countries could instead choose other ways to contribute managing the migratory burden.

(Alexandra Krzysztoszek | Euractiv.pl)

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