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A Labor leader praising Margaret Thatcher was always going to spark controversy, and some of Sir Keir Starmer’s MPs began reacting publicly to her article.

In case you missed it, Sir Keir praised the former Prime Minister for bringing “significant change” to the UK and “unleashing our natural entrepreneurial spirit” during his 11 years in office (learn more here).

Labor MPs who are members of the socialist campaign group reacted to the editorial on Twitter, criticizing Mrs Thatcher and implicitly condemning Sir Keir.

Beth Winter, who represents the Cynon Valley in Wales, said the Thatcher government “devastated communities with the deliberate destruction of the mining industry”.

She added: “Policies such as the grossly unfair poll tax and the big privatization scams were hallmarks of Thatcherism.

“Most of those forced into food banks today come from communities that never recovered from the Thatcher government’s assault on working-class communities.

“His government’s attacks on the working class and unions will be remembered in my constituency.”

Ian Byrne, MP for Liverpool West Derby, tweeted: “Today, like every match for the last 8 years, we will be outside Anfield collecting food to help those struggling to put a meals on the table because of an economic system built by Thatcher.

“Inequality, hunger, deprivation and misery. This is the real legacy that Thatcher left.”

And Kim Johnson, who represents Liverpool Riverside, added: “Margaret Thatcher did nothing for working-class communities in Liverpool and across the country: she destroyed industries, attacked trade unionists, privatized our major industries.

“He campaigned for ‘managed decline’ in our town, attacked Hillsborough fans.

“He is not someone a (Labour) supporter should look up to. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

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