President Ruto touts Kenya as ideal hub for tech investment during Silicon Valley visit

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“We welcome the willingness of Apple, the world’s most valuable multinational technology company, to work with the government to grow Kenya’s innovation and start-up ecosystem. In San Francisco, USA, I met Apple CEO @tim_cook. The potential of Kenya’s green data centers is another area that Apple will consider tapping into to achieve the company’s sustainability goals. he tweeted.

Data centers are major energy consumers due to their high demand for energy to run servers, cooling systems and other infrastructure.

According to the International Energy Agency, global data center electricity consumption in 2022 ranged between 240 and 340 terawatt hours (TWh), which represented approximately 1% to 1.3% of total global electricity demand. .

As a result, reducing data center energy consumption has become a major priority for businesses and governments looking to minimize their carbon footprint and energy costs. Various strategies, such as improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources, and optimizing data center designs, are being used to address this problem.

Ruto touted his country as a prime investment destination for tech companies, saying: “If you settle in Kenya. Your African footprint is guaranteed.”

“Kenya is a comprehensive investment destination; economically stable, entrepreneurial, safe, innovative with a favorable tax environment, skilled workforce, technological expertise, green energy credentials and a gateway for six submarine fiber optic cables providing connectivity of reliable data”, said the president.

He assured investors that the government would carefully review and address all their concerns to increase their confidence in Kenya.

American companies have expressed confidence in the country as an ideal investment destination.

Tim Cook said Apple would consider establishing a developer academy and would also tap the potential of Kenya’s green data centers.

Intel CEO Patrick Paul Gelsinger has identified Kenya as a good investment destination.

Brad Smith (Microsoft COO) said Kenya’s impressive investment returns position it as an attractive destination for US venture capital.

He noted that Kenya, while offering more widely applicable solutions to connectivity and energy, remains largely unexplored.

Ruth Porat, Alphabet’s chief financial officer at Google, said the technology company had committed to investing $1 billion in Africa to strengthen its digital training and innovation initiatives.

Visa Global Chairman Oliver Jenkyn said Kenya played a vital role in enabling Visa to establish a strong presence in the East African market.

He said the organization had chosen Kenya as the only African country to host Visa’s global digital innovation studio.

“Less than a year ago, Visa committed to investing $1 billion in Africa over the next five years, much of which will go to Kenya. » he said.

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