Public school, temporary shelters, modern Daaras: The deputies

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MP Aly Mané maintains that 90% of Senegalese children do not study in public schools. He calls for saving public schools. He points the finger at the teachers to whom he assigns primary responsibility.

“All of us are pure products of public schools. So we must save public schools. First of all, the primary responsibility is the teachers,” declared Aly Mané.

Along the same lines, the deputy for the Goudomp department Fatoumata Dabo declared a glaring lack of teachers. “There are elementary schools where there is a glaring lack of teachers in establishments. There are 73 teachers missing in these establishments. In secondary education today, there is a shortage of 100 teachers,” she said.

“In the Goudomp department, there are too many temporary shelters. In the commune of Tanaf, there are 20 temporary shelters. If you go to Samine, there are also 20 temporary shelters. I totaled over 200 temporary shelters throughout the department. I am asking for your support in this regard so that children can study well,” implores MP Fatoumata Dabo.

A question raised by Deputy Ayib Daffé who maintains that despite the increase in the budget each year, problems persist. “If we go to the Sédhiou region, there is a deficit of 89 teachers in secondary education. In primary education, we have a deficit of 52 teachers in the Sédhiou department, 36 in the Bounkiling department and 73 in the Goudomp department in French and 18 in Arabic,” declared Ayib Daffé.

“46% rate of temporary shelters in elementary schools in the Sédhiou region”

Speaking of temporary shelters, he indicates that we have a 46% rate of temporary shelters in elementary schools. “As I speak to you, Marsasoum high school is in temporary shelter. In Sédhiou, there is a 46% rate of temporary shelters in elementary schools. There is also a shortage of tables and benches in the region,” he said.

As for modern Daaras, the elected official is requesting programs in the Sédhiou region. “If you go to religious cities like Bogal, Tassilima, Kandialo, Ndiama, Soumboundou, Mankonoba, Darou Salam, Madina Souwané, Karantaba, Bagher, Binanko, etc., all these households want to be supported and accompanied by the Ministry of National education in the construction and equipment of modern Daaras. What I would like to highlight is the delay in carrying out the work. We must find solutions to this delay. Because, it affects the execution rate in the budget.”

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