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Hello Quartz Afrique readers!

Welcome to 2022! We look forward to remaining your go-to source for local developments, emerging industries and the inevitable complexities that make up the African economy. New year, new ambitions.

Over the next month, we will launch our first Africa-specific subscription product, giving you a front-row seat to innovation on the continent. Quartz Africa membership will begin with unlimited access to all of our journalism and a weekly member-exclusive email diving deep into the startups, innovators and sectors driving Africa’s tech boom. ‘Africa. You will still receive the Quartz Africa Weekly Brief, which will remain free and accessible to all.

This year we plan to continue covering the types of the stories you like. But we also strive to get ahead of the topics on which we have acquired expertise. With more than half a decade of reporting from the continent, we’ve told the stories of new startups, their goals, how they raised money and their expansion plans. We’ll continue to introduce you to new companies, but we’ll also delve deeper into the impact of older ones.

We hope to explore in more depth the complexities of big techconfidentiality, online monitoringand the splinternet. We will continue to monitor the tensions between governments, startups, the private sector and public needs, which have led to social media shutdowns and bans. controversial startup billsand levies on everything digital.

As well as looking at the different sectors that have been helped by improved mobile internet on the continent, particularly streaming, we will explore the expansion of ICT connectivity across Africa, going beyond mobile connectivity to reach include fiber network infrastructure.

Another area of ​​interest to us is how the continent has been a pioneer in moving beyond cash: the early adoption and proliferation of mobile money services on the continent, the relative high use of cryptocurrency for remittances, even during bansand the unique ways in which the continent is growing adoption of digital payments. We have closely followed the rise of central bank digital currencies (CBDC)and policies enabling or hindering the rise of digital money.

True to Quartz Africa’s reputation for bringing you surprising and interesting developments, our startup coverage aims to go beyond the continent’s main tech hubs and the usual types of companies— looking beyond fintech into sectors like climate, agriculture and digital health, as well as female-led startups. We will always have a fresh look at where and how innovation takes place.

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When thinking about the climate economy, some of our key questions emerging from COP26 include: What will it take for Africa to reduce or eliminate energy poverty without locking itself into fossil fuels? And how will African countries be helped or harmed by the explosion in the market for carbon offsets, many of which will come from projects on the continent?

By thinking about borders, we will follow developments AfCFTATHE Single African air transport market and the idea of ​​a African passport. The issue of mobility has taken on even greater importance as struggling economies see young people risking their lives to enter Europe on rickety boats. More recently, mobility in Africa has been made even more difficult by the pandemic and new waves and variants that threaten to further isolate the continent in terms of travel opportunities (albeit occasionally). spark fascinating advances).

We know that debt issues, especially regarding Africa-China relationsare important to our readers, who rely on us to provide nuanced information on an often simplistic subject.

And of course, we never forget sport and its interactions with business and culture. The African Cup of Nations starts today, and it’s a important test of health protocols in Cameroon and across the continent, as the world learns to live with covid.

We can’t predict what exactly 2022 will bring, but we look forward to continuing this journey with you. —The Quartz Africa team

One more thing

There are so many culturally exciting things happening on the continent that we can barely keep up (but we’ll try). To begin with, 2021 has been an extraordinary year for African literature. Here are five books to whet your appetite as the new year approaches.

🎵 This brief was produced by listening to “Socket» by Blxckie (South Africa).

Our best wishes for a productive and idea-filled week. Please send your news, comments, suggestions, ideas, cover suggestions and startups to watch to afrique@qz.com. You can follow us on Twitter at @qzafrica for updates throughout the day.

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