Raspberry Pi OS, elementary OS will default to Wayland

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Recently the Register underlines than the new one (based on Debian) Raspberry Pi 5.0 operating system features “an all-new Wayland desktop environment replacing PIXELSthe old desktop based on LXDE and X.org, increased with Mutter in its previous version.”

And when Elementary OS 8 finally arrives, “the development team plans to finally default to the Wayland display server.” reports Linux review (adding “If you would like to get early access to daily releases, you can do so by becoming a elementary OS sponsor on GitHub.”)

“This is a transition that we have been planning and working on for several years,” writes Danielle Foré, CEO/co-founder“and we’re finally in the home stretch… Wayland will bring us improved performance, better application security, and open the doors to supporting more complex display setups such as mixed DPI multi-monitor setups .”
There are other things we’re experimenting with, like the possibility of an immutable operating system, and there are more mundane things that will definitely happen, like Pipewire shipping. You will also see on the project dashboard that we are looking to replace the on-screen keyboard and that it is time to re-evaluate some things like SystemD Boot. You can expect many more small features to be detailed over the coming months.
Meanwhile, Linux Mint is get “experimental” support from Wayland next month. And also in December, Firefox will let Wayland support be enabled by default.

And last month, the Register noted a merge request for GNOME has delete the gnome-xorg.desktop file. “To put this in context, the Fedora project is considering a comparable change: remove or hide the GNOME session on X.org from the login menu, which is already the plan for the Fedora KDE version when it upgrades to KDE version 6, which is still in development.”

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