Reverend Dr Kenneth Mtata reflects on the book “White Saviorism in International Development”

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As part of a During a question-and-answer session, Mtata reflected on how the racial hierarchy stemming from the slave trade negatively impacts people today.

“The desire to to safeguardAfrica, while supporting exploitative capitalist projects, has led some governments to replace development aid with commercial interests,” Mtata noted. Such a model aims to give Western companies easy access to African markets without seriously considering how these companies exploit, expropriate and abuse poor communities and the environment.

Mtata further noted that, since the killing of George Floyd, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and other similar protests have highlighted the intersection of systemic racism and a neoliberal capitalist economy that is untethered to justice.

The current instability in Africa can be attributed to the legacy of colonialism and white supremacy, coupled with the complicity of local militarized elites,” he said.

The panel unveiled the concept of white saviorism, which Mtata described as the intersection of race and capitalism.

Denial of Black agency is part of this intersection, he added. White saviorism pits individual virtue against systemic justice – the emphasis on the altruism of white individuals without addressing the systemic injustices that cause poverty,” he said. We must not encourage Western citizens to be more generous: they must work for justice. Africa and the developing world only need economic relations, not charity. »

The assumption that Jesus was white is a bad starting point, Mtata said. Can the West improve the correct version of Jesus? He asked. The fight for holistic and inclusive economic development must be fought at the level of ideas, practices and structures.

Press release from the Church of Sweden on the Gothenburg Book Fair 2023

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