RTS workers in disagreement with Racine Talla, their CEO

by MMC
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In a note taken up by Les Échos, the Intersyndicale Synpics-Cnts of the RTS points out “the abuse and persecution of agents by Racine Talla, their general director and his directors”.

She denounces and demands the cancellation of assignment decisions taken, according to unionists, in retaliation against agents following the last elections of staff representatives.

“The inter-union is showing its support for these agents who are currently the subject of unbridled persecution,” fumed the workers of the public television channel. This general management, instead of honoring its commitments made to all agents, with regard to land leases, the reversal of contributions to the Mutual and the Cooperative as well as the signing and application of the Convention which is on the table, finds nothing better than to engage in all-out harassment of workers who are members of the Intersyndicale.”

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