Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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RALPH E. GONSALVES, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, said many people around the world feel a sense of futility, a routinization of indifference, even cynicism. “It is widely recognized that the global political economy is broken and must be repaired, not by tinkering here or there, but by fundamental restructuring of a type that endures for the benefit of all humanity, especially those who are disadvantaged, dispossessed or marginalized. » he pointed out. It is also recognized that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be achieved by 2030; in fact, virtually all developing countries will experience a significant deficit. Likewise, it is widely recognized that the climate change agenda is stalled, and in some ways, reversing, with disastrous consequences for humanity. Meanwhile, contemporary drivers of insecurity and conflict all collide in a “heinous march toward infamy” and human misery, he said.

Powerful countries and like-minded blocs of states are unwilling or unable to develop inclusive modalities, through true multilateralism, to address the global challenges facing humanity, he said. Their knee-jerk actions in pursuit of a permanent imperium or emerging hegemony are presented as self-serving calls for a “new world order” – all gravy and sass, but with little or no substance. “From the difficult trenches of the periphery, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines asks, once again, in response, three haunting questions: What’s new? What world? And who gives the orders? He asked. “It is obvious to any sane person, devoid of selfish hypocrisy, that the struggle today between the dominant powers is centered on the control, ownership and distribution of the world’s resources,” he said.

He urged the United States, “our friend, the most powerful and economically dominant country since the dawn of human civilization,” to end unilateral sanctions against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. It is “just plain stupid” to label Cuba a sponsor of state terrorism – a label driven by South Florida’s partisan domestic politics. “Taiwan’s request for participation in relevant United Nations specialized agencies is certainly reasonable and should be taken into account,” he added. On climate change, he said poor, vulnerable, climate-challenged and resource-constrained developing countries are absolutely fed up with the developed world’s eternally broken promises on climate finance. “The time for reparations has come,” he added, stressing that “Africa, the Caribbean, our diaspora and others who aspire to a just world insist on it.”

Regarding Haiti, he said the Security Council cannot “stand sideways” because criminal gangs, some with ties to the government and national police, essentially control the capital and the country’s main productive centers. country. Massive economic aid – a real Marshall Plan – financed by the international community, must be put in place in tandem with political, security and humanitarian initiatives. The governments of the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America must work together to stop the massive flow of guns and bullets into Haiti. Furthermore, the dire situations in Ukraine, the State of Palestine, several countries in Africa and elsewhere also call for a peaceful settlement between the warring parties. He further expressed support for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) which would follow the African Union to become a member of the Group of 20 countries. “The time of masters and vassals is over; the days of imperialism are approaching,” he stressed.

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