Sam Altman hints at his chaotic ouster and return as OpenAI CEO in new blog post

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I hope this is helpful to people who are spending the holidays thinking about what they are going to work on in 2024; still one of my favorite times of year

Although it doesn’t explicitly mention OpenAI in the blog post, some of the advice seems particularly pointed.

“Fight bullshit and bureaucracy every time you see it and inspire others to fight it too. Don’t let the org chart get in the way of people working productively together,” reads one of his learnings, this which may be referring to his response to the news of his dismissal.

Altman’s ouster sparked a fight between OpenAI’s board and the company’s investors and employees, both of whom rallied to himultimately leading to his return.

Altman’s advice to “communicate clearly and concisely” also recalls the the first accusations from the board of directors which claimed that Altman had not been “always candid in his communications.”

This could also be Altman’s way of implying that the board should have been clearer about why they got rid of him.

His penultimate advice to “get back up and keep going,” whether intended or not, can certainly be applied to his dramatic return to the company.

“For my part, it is extremely important to learn from this experience and apply those learnings as we move forward as a company,” Altman wrote in a statement. Tweeter following the announcement of his return to lead the company.

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