Saving an elephant from a trap

by MMC
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Earlier this month, our Ol Kinyei Conservancy rangers helped successfully rescue an elephant from a metal trap…

Following reports of an injured elephant, rangers rushed to the scene and found a 45-year-old adult male elephant with a wire trap wrapped around his right hind leg. The trap could cut his flesh and cause infection or even death.

Through the combined efforts of our resourceful rangers, the Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit and the Mara Elephant Project, they managed to dart the elephant and quickly remove the trap, ensuring no damage to the elephant’s soft tissues. elephant. Now freed, this majestic creature can once again move freely.

Wire snares are illegal traps set by poachers or farmers to capture wild animals for their meat or to protect their crops. This human-wildlife conflict poses challenges, but our collective commitment to conservation prevails and we will continue to work with local communities, authorities and other stakeholders to find sustainable and humane solutions that benefit both humans and wildlife.

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