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This is called the SECRET SEASON ‐ this heady period between January and March every year when African nature is lush and green, filled with life and vibrant colors and hardly any tourists!


As winter strengthens its grip on the northern hemisphere and temperatures plummet, summer kicks off in central and southern Africa, with the rains bringing abundant life to the continent’s beautiful wild places. This is the “SECRET SEASON” or “EMERALD SEASON” – so named because of the lush green foliage and grasses that the rains produce and the fact that almost no one seems to go on safari during this time! Perhaps they are put off by the legendary African summer heat? Yes, it’s pretty hot, but you acclimatize quickly and the result is an Africa transformed into a paradise filled with baby animals of all sizes and descriptions and the most incredible birdlife in the world.

An avian adventure…

Summer means millions of northern migratory bird species arriving to settle in Africa for the winter, as well as intra-African migrants heading south to enjoy the good life that the rains. The striking colors of their plumage mix with the diverse flowers of the bush and the rich greens of the open meadows and magnificent woodland trees, all arranged under some of the bluest skies you have ever seen.

The rich rusts of the African paradise flycatchers, the breathtaking reds of the southern carmine bee-eaters and the iridescent green of the Klaas cuckoo mix effortlessly with the yellows of the black-headed orioles, the flashy turquoise of the woodland kingfisher and with the magnificent multi-colored fan of lilacs. ‐breasted roller, bringing a touch of Technicolor to the impressive landscapes of Africa.

Even if you’re not a birder at the start of a secret season safari, you absolutely will be by the end!

Oh, babies…

As the flutter of bright plumages fills the air, the patter of tiny hooves makes safaris irresistible… The secret season is filled with baby animals, from wildebeest and buffalo to impala lambs and zebra foals, and everything in between. Even Africa’s smallest carnivore – the adorable dwarf mongoose – starts making babies in summer, so beware of these wonderful little predators and their social den antics, usually found in d old termite mounds.

Softness on safari to captivate young and old. Seeing nature come back to life is such a delight and provides incredible photo opportunities.
Watching your child’s eyes and heart adjust to the African wilderness is so rewarding that you would be forgiven for paying more attention to the expressions on their faces than to the animals you are observing!

Of course, the plethora of baby animals are perfect for your own babies, making Secret Season a great time to take your kids on safari. We have partnered with some of Africa’s best safari camps and lodges who offer unique safari experiences for children, taking them on incredible adventures of their own. Safari programs for kids allow them to explore with their own guides and discover the kinds of things that fascinate them, from animal tracks and droppings to strange insects and lizards!

By yourself…

Because the secret season is so secret that there aren’t many tourists around, which means your safari will be exclusive without even trying! You can take social distancing to new heights by being the only ones to traverse vast expanses of African wilderness, and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer in Africa at your leisure! Sunbathe on almost deserted beaches as locals have all returned to work or school… Enjoy safaris without seeing another vehicle… Discover a part of Africa that few others have the chance to see…

All safaris take place in remote locations where social distancing and exclusivity are the norm. Space, peace and the sounds of nature are what we all need right now.

And because the high holiday season is over, you can also take advantage of secret seasonal rates, which are obviously easier on your wallet! So chat with us today about a secret seasonal safari and enjoy something utterly wonderful…

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