Sheila Johnson, second richest black woman in the United States, publishes her memoirs

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Sheila Johnson, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) and the second richest black woman in the United States, bared her soul in a recent interview on CBS Mornings, delving into her latest work, Walk Through Fire: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Triumphnow available for purchase.

The book offers a nuanced look at her life, including her once-marital partnership with Robert Johnson, with whom she launched BET. In her memoir, Johnson dissects the essential life lessons she has accumulated over the course of her impressive career. In 1980, she and Robert Johnson co-founded BET, only to sell it two decades later for nearly $3 billion. The monumental deal made Sheila Johnson the first African-American female billionaire in the United States, although she acknowledges that her meteoric rise was not without obstacles.

“I’ve been trying to find myself, and writing this book has been therapy, and it’s really helping me heal. I’ve been through a lot,” she said, also revealing that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Johnson’s memoir also addresses the various “acts” of his life, highlighting his resilience and versatility. Before her media debut, she was a concert violinist. In fact, during BET’s fledgling phase, she sold her prized violin in order to generate crucial funds for the network and secure office space. She has also led innovative programs like Teen Summit.

“There was a lot of sacrifice and I continued to work throughout this period for hours and hours teaching violin, traveling back and forth to play,” she said.

Currently, Sheila Johnson is the CEO of the prestigious Hotels & Resorts in Salamander. Additionally, she has the honor of being the only Black co-owner of three major professional sports teams in Washington, DC: the NBA Wizards, the WNBA Mystics, and the NHL Capitals.

Sheila Johnson is the second richest black woman in the United States after Oprah Winfrey. According to Forbesshe has an estimated net worth of $840 million.

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