South Africa supports Cuba in its demand to end the US blockade at the UN

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The South African representative demanded that Washington listen to the almost unanimous call of UN member states to end the blockade against Cuba, which has prevented their right to development.

The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States constitutes a violation of international law and the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, she stressed, adding that this type of unilateral actions cannot be justified.

Therefore, South Africa launches an “unwavering appeal to the United States to lift sanctions and opt for constructive dialogue with Cuba,” she stressed.

The blockade has caused many difficulties for Cuba, including shortages of basic goods such as food, fuel and medicine, she added.

During her speech, the South African representative highlighted that the inclusion of Cuba on Washington’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, as well as the full application of the Helms-Burton Extraterritorial Act (which codified the blockade) , further jeopardize Cuba’s possibilities for commercial relations with third countries.

The inclusion of Cuba on this list, which aims to impose more punitive measures against Cubans, is baseless, she stressed, and we demand that Cuba be removed from this list.

Addressing the plenary session, the diplomat recalled that the South African government and its people recognize the sacrifices made by the Cubans, who offered their lives in the struggle for the liberation of South Africa, a- she pointed out.

“We pay tribute to Cuba’s altruistic generosity in helping the world’s needy in the areas of health, education, emergency aid and development, particularly in Africa,” he said. she adds.

These measures are being taken by Cuba despite the blockade, she stressed.

In this way, we can portray Cuba as a champion in defending the rights of developing peoples, she stressed.

Addressing South Africa’s bilateral relations with Cuba, she highlighted that US sanctions also pose an obstacle for South African companies to do business with Cuba, she added. However, South Africa’s relations with Cuba constitute a successful model of South-South cooperation, she said.

In this regard, South Africa once again committed to expanding its bilateral cooperation programs with Cuba and seeking new areas of collaboration, such as infrastructure, agriculture, science and technology. .


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