Stanford is lit! Christmas in the village

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If you have already booked a holiday Stanford Accommodation or you’re just passing through in December, you’re in for a treat… because Stanford is LIT!

Checkers, the leading supermarket chain, has been instrumental in creating a sparkling, glittering city of joy; thanks to the installation of a superb light show for the Christmas holidays.

Spectacular lights are draped across storefronts, wrapped around tree trunks and flanking the main street.

Christmas at Stanford – it’s magical

There’s an impressive Christmas tree, small farm animals and wire windmills, giant stars and life-size sculptures of famous South African animals like giraffes and kudus (courtesy courtesy of internationally renowned artist Michael Methven).

What an exquisite decoration to adorn the friendly little town of Stanford!

Checkers also proactively involved local Overberg artists in creating stunning floor-to-ceiling windows inside and among the lights.

Additionally, the lights were used to accentuate the unique architecture and features of the city’s buildings.

There’s a photo booth that includes a massive light-up feature of a gift and bow – perfect for unforgettable holiday snaps and Insta posts.

Christmas lights at Stanford

There are nearly 7 kilometers of lights, including 70,000 bulbs. Almost all lights are solar powered (LED), so this special display will even illuminate the load shedding schedule!

This generous gesture follows recent flooding and hurricane-force winds, which left Stanford damaged and depressed.

Not only do these sparkling globes help beautify the town of Overberg, but they also help residents feel more optimistic and confident about their beautiful home as a vacation destination.

Penny van den Berg, owner of The Stanford Hotel said in response to this gift:

The crew of 7Movies we arrived at the hotel the last week of September and we talked about the gift Ladies planned to donate our village after the devastating floods of September.

We looked at the light installations. Particular care was taken not to damage the old gables by a team of strong professionals.

Checkers had adopted Stanford’s proclaimed heritage status and illuminated every detail of these old buildings all along Queen Victoria Street.

From the first post we shared on social media about the Christmas lights, the crowds arrived in hordes. No one left disappointed. The lights are simply spectacular.

Our accommodation bookings have already doubled in the last four years and morale in our community has never been higher. What an incredibly generous gift this has been to all of us.

Checkers made Stanford the most popular Christmas village. The rest is up to us. Thank you ladies!

Penny van den Berg

THE Stanford Village is home to cute cafes and restaurants, antique shops, art galleries, wine farms, night markets, places of interest, cheese farms and much more.

It also has an endearing charm, highlighting the Cape Overberg beautifully. It’s also close to Hermanus and Gansbaai, so make a weekend or vacation of it… explore Hermanus, Gansbay and Stanford this holiday season.

These magnificent lights will be on display until the first week of January 2024. So be sure to include Stanford in your summer vacation itinerary and experience the magic and joy for yourself.

Go see it for yourselves! Bring the kids, the cousins, the aunts and uncles and the grandparents too! They will love it!

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