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In the heart of the Afrikaans continent, there is a land where divers are cultivated and in the natural region of South Africa. Practical and legendary landscaping is this country that has a connection with myths and legends, the momentum created with the animal dragon, the culture in the bovennatuurlijke. I met on a day at the gate two fascinating myths and legends of South Africa and the days that stood at the gate.

The Opstanding factory

Photo by iNaturalist

1. From Wederopstandingsplant: From San genezingsplant

In the coming years of South Africa, where the leven onmogelijk lijkt, there is a small wonder: the universal factory, also well known from “Siwa” under the San-volk. This plant suffers from prolonged periods, but it is miraculous thanks to the first regenerations and symbolizes the risk of its rise in the largest possible bar. The San Volk vereert de Siwa so that he comes to his country and generates himself.

2. De Witte Leeuwen van Timbavati:

In the Timbavati Private Wilderness Reserve, there is a mysterious legend with the gratitude and majesty of a foretaste. This legend is that of Witte Leeuwen van Timbavati. These etheric things, with a light that comes in the blue sky, are worded to those of the African king and king.

Volgens of folklore plaatselijke were of the first Witte Leeuw in the region located at the same time of great onrust en lijden. De leeuw, a symbol of kracht and adel, headed to the god who went to his doorstep to the land of Brengen. Throughout the day, the words of this practice revealed themselves as a zeldzaam and a krachtig voorteken, an interior of what the geesten van de Zuid-Afrikaanse voorouders on the country are awakening.

Vliegende Hollander

Photo by Marine Insight

3. The ghost image of Vliegende Hollander:

Before seeing the Kaap de Goede Hoop, two oceans met in a turbulent boat, and a ghost appeared as Vliegende Hollander. This spookschip, revealed by the man who was waiting for you, became the mouthpiece of the real Captain Hendrick van der Decken. You do not have to worry about the water being washed away, and the storms are still there, but the water is still there.

Zeelieden et vissers spreken vaak in style over griezelige ontmoetingen met de Vliegende Hollander. Men gelooft dat het zien van het spookschip un slecht voorteken est, un voorbode van naderend onheil. Sommigen Zeggen que degenen en het schip van dichtbij zien, gedoemd zijn om zich de spookbemanning te voegen, pour un autre insight into your life.

Koningin van de regen

Photo by Atlas Obscura

4. From Regenkoningin van Balobedu:

In the warmest and most viable country of Limpopo province, there is some time for a woman as powerful as the people of the region. This king, who holds to the state of Modjadji, declared that he vermogen te hebben om heer te beheersen, with the name of regeneration. Legendary stories have taken place with a mysterious crash hen door of goden zelf geschonken.

From this moment onwards, Modjadji VI, you should know that the regen you make has been performed or rituals are danced for you. Men geloofde dat haar aanwezigheid verlichting kon brengen in door droogte geteisterde gebieden et haar wijsheid werd door koningen et leiders van heinde en verre gevraagd. The history of the macht van de Regenkoninginnen and the myth can be described, which are involved by men in the country of South Africa which is really real.

5. Tokoloshe’s message:

In the teaching of Afrikaanse folklore, the place where young children’s beds and castles are located is believed to have become kwaadaardige wezen which resembles the state of Tokoloshe. The little man thought he was big, with eyes at the same time and vuurrode ogen. People understood that the word opened to people’s doors with simple things, the kwaad willen doen of the anguish willen zaaien.

We have children who are children in the shoes of the Tokoloshe in the middle of which they are also ready to be on the bed where they stand. The legend says that she is leaving and that she has a man who has other things to do for her to do so.

Marie Roux

Photo of Dayne’s discoveries

6. The Uniondale Scarer:

In the rustic Uniondale stadium, located in the heart of the Karoo Woestijn, you have a scary legend. In 1968, a young woman gave birth to Maria Roux tragically at the head of an auto-nail at stadium level. It is said that there are rusty horses in the roundabout, which ends in a long road.

Talloze motorists hebben griezelige ontmoetingen put the geestverschijning gemeld de Maria. However, since there is an elevator, there may be some mystery when it comes to car parking. While Maria loved the reizigers sleep in her life, she then had another stay inside her rising and elk hunting time.

7. The dancing flowers of Namaqualand:

In the old country of Namaqualand, elk have already been found in amazing places where learning has been elevated to a charming legend. Moments of slow movement can be heard with flowers in the air, which can be seen dancing in the rhythm of the zone. The plaatselijke bevolking vertelt het verhaal van un welcome zonnegod die dit geschenk an het land schonk.

Legends zag de Zonnegod hoe de mensen van Namaqualand de barre woestijn verdroegen en besloot hij om schoonheid et vreugde in hun leven te brengen. The result is that the flowers in the area are synchronized with magnificent flowers, the golden landscape is seen with vivid colors, and the ground is spread into a built-in faucet.

In the heart of South Africa, there are two myths and legends linked to the rich culture, created in the bovennatuurlijk sector of the country. Finally, you will be able to find out more about it, and you will be able to find out more about it and what it is about, which we share with traditions and traditions. These myths and legends tell at the time that South Africa’s business travel was closer than the practical landscape; It is a mysterious and wonderful land, unfolding and unfolding in a delicate place in time.

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