Sunak endures heartbreaking interviews over future of HS2

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Rishi Sunak said he was “determined to change the direction of our country” despite “widespread criticism” for watering down the government’s green policies.

Asked about the Conservatives’ electoral prospects after the party’s defeat in May’s local elections, the Prime Minister told BBC Radio Berkshire: “In the mid-term, whether it’s by-elections or local elections , it is always delicate for the governments in place. I understand that and I understand that people are frustrated with what has happened over the last two years.

“But I am determined to meet their expectations. So I set out very clearly at the start of the year five priorities… we are making progress on all of them, we are by no means there yet and I am not complacent, we must continue to work hard, that is what I do, but I think people will see the benefits over time.

“But also the other week I made a pretty important decision because I am determined to change the direction of our country. This means that politicians no longer take the easy way out, but make the right long-term decisions to the future.

“I did it by charting a new path to net zero – more realistic, more proportionate, more sensible.”

He added: “I’ve received a lot of criticism for this, but this is the kind of leadership approach I’m going to bring and this is how we’re going to change things for the better.”

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